Krav Maga - COMBAT FIT

Real World Self Defense Classes - Tactical Training for Tucson

            הגנה עצמית 

 "Sharpening Minds and Forging Spirits" 

Combat F.I.T. will quickly equip you with the practical self defense skills needed to prevent, defuse, control or resolve any conflict. Learn about Krav Maga, its unique psychological tactics and effective physical techniques. Since 2009 Combat F.I.T. has trained hundreds of Tucson residents from all walks of life, to include: engineers, teachers, IT professionals, doctors, nurses, lawyers and UA grad students. They have unknowingly at times trained with visitors from: ICE, DHS, CBP, DOC, FBI and various other governmental agencies seeking reality based stress training with Combat F.I.T. They all...just everyday Americans willing to train in realistic environments, developing the tactical mindset needed to escape, survive and prevail. 

In our Combat F.I.T. Israeli Krav Maga (IKM) training program you will learn how to sharpen your situational awareness to avoid potential danger. You will also learn how deal with the stress of violence, how to hone a clear mindset for quick decisions and how to shift into delivering a strong effective response to neutralize any threat. 

Take a unique challenge sign up for our 8 week IKM courses or the monthly seminars in weapons and tactics. Condition your mind, body and spirit while learning to protect yourself and others by training in Krav Maga with Combat F.I.T. 

                        Road Rage Avoidance Class

 As featured in Phoenix and Tucson our Chief Instructor will be offering private group instruction on "avoidance tactics" to registered individuals. Call our office to schedule your session. To see our regularly scheduled 'road rage' and 'carjacking' prevention here.


        Take the first step in Krav Maga Training

Introductory Session

Our monthly introductory "Foundations" sessions are 60 minutes long and cost $25 per person. Military veterans/LE pay $20.  This private foundations class will be led by our own Chief certified Krav Maga instructor, a subject matter technical expert, black belt and Marine Corps veteran with over 25 years of combat arts experience. He will expose you to simulated violence and guide you through drills that will condition your survival instinct. The principles of Krav Maga will be explained, explored and experienced. Training in Krav Maga is at Combat FIT is life-changing. We are serious about our training and only accept those with strong ethos. So, if you are an honest-humble individual wanting to test yourself in a hard core environment then pull that or visit Combat FIT and sign up for the next monthly held foundations class, or schedule your own private session.     

Click here to sign up Krav Maga Foundations


Train in realistic environments...find comfort while uncomfortable.

Contact the Combat FIT team

  • Call: 520-396-4864 to register for Krav Maga
  • Office Hours: 12pm- 3pm Monday-Saturday
  • Email:
  • Main Location: 960 E.17th St. at HV
  • Satellite locations: UA campus and JCC
  • Class Hours: 3:00pm-8:30pm Mon-Thursday

Combat FIT provides:

  • Civilian training in Israeli Krav Maga 
  • Gun-Firearm safety and tactical use
  • Threat recognition and avoidance
  • Combat psychology and mindset
  • Personal development and growth
  • Unique team challenges and bonding
  • Stress management and pain inoculation
  • Tactical First aid and Survival Skills

What is Krav Maga?

נסה את זה

Krav Maga קרב מגע is an Israeli Self Defense System using stress inoculation and mental conditioning to train students to deal with violent confrontations effectively. Israeli Krav Maga (IKM) incorporates simple defensive principles, instinctive physical movements and simulated violent scenarios to condition students to fight, survive and protect others. Because it is so effective, Krav Maga is the preferred Reality Based Personal Protection System for military, law enforcement agencies around the world, and now... its available to civilians as well.

Test your limits...sign up for the next  Foundations session at Combat F.I.T. Call us during our office hours (12pm-3pm) talk to an instructor, get the straight scoop and make that final decision...."pull the trigger" now!