Combat F.I.T. Krav Maga 

  Self Defense Training in Real World Environments 

-Krav Maga FIRST CLASS- Six week Session

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Monday July 10, 2017 6:15 PM - 8:15 PM
Annually on July 10

Basic Krav Maga 6 week Summer Session: 1st class

IKM: Israeli Krav Maga

IKM for beginners and experienced practitioners:

P1 and P2 special summer seminar. 6 weeks 2 hours.

This will be a technical IKM session covering: P1 weapon intercepts and fighting platforms. P2 weapon (gun, knife, stick and machete) retention or disarm and use will be covered.

Location:  RPBB

Seminar cost:

$110 (probationary students)

$100 (returning practitioners)

Drop in cost:


What to bring to this class and all others: Sweat towel, 3 dark Tshirts, bottle of water, Government Photo ID, expendable loose fitting comfortable clothing (an old clean T-shirt and long pants-sweats), old prescription glasses, and workout shoes. Remove all engagement rings, ear rings and lip piercings . Appropriate attire and hygiene is required at all times. Returning Practioners it is recommended that you wear a dark shirt, dark military/cargo pants and long socks for subsequent sessions. Be aware... our training facility simulates seasonal enviromental conditions, hence during the summer time we may train in hot conditions and during the winter we may be exposed to cold conditions. If you dont like to train like this (reality of environmental probabilities) then we suggest going elsewhere.

monsoon session 630-830