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Tactical Krav Maga: Survival Series-Terrorism, Home invasion and Active Shooter


Our Combat FIT team provides nationally accredited training course work for children and families. Bruce Madrikh (our Chief instructor, a former Marine Corps Bio-Chem and Training-Operations Officer) currenty a violence risk reduction educator, conducts our civilian survival and family protection workshops. If you are a parent seeking the knowledge to protect your children and family during these turbulent times, then consider one of the following Urban Emergency and Survival UES seminars:

-Terrorism awareness and response for civilians stateside

-Nuclear, biological, chemical and explosive threat recognition

-Civilian anti-terrorism tactics and IED bombings survival

-Lone gunmen, snipers and mass shooting response

-Abduction prevention. Hostage survival and escape

-Civil unrest, in place sheltering and family survival

-Home invasion prevention and response

-Domestic violence prevention and stalker avoidance

  Leadership in Crisis

 The above listed Family Safety and Urban Emergency Survival Sessions fall under our "Leadership in Crisis" series. These sessions are open to families with children between 4 to 12 years of age. The sessions are designed for parents and individuals with no self defense experience.

 The "Home Invasion- Family Survival" and "Public Mass Shooting-School Survival" initially cover unarmed tactics with a transition to a higher force level using whatever weapons are available, all to protect oneself and loved ones. Please email CFC to schedule your own private class. Click on the schedule tab above to view the times and dates of future sessions. $30 cost for 3 family members.

  School Shooting Survival

 During this session kids ages 10-17 years will learn safety planning, group survival and reactionary drills that relate to potential School Shootings and Active Shooter situations in public. Parents and select adult family members are invited to attend and act as role players/safety observers.

 Price per person (cash paid at training location): $30

 Time and Date: Varies throughtout the year. To view the calender click here.

 Location: CrossFit UTA-urban training area

 What to bring: A Bottle of water for each family member, loose comforable clothing and shoes.

 Family items needed: a flashlight, one backpack/school bag, a set of short socks, a set of long socks, a tie (or a scarf), and 2 old t-shirts

  Children's Abduction Prevention and Protection:

 Our CFC team conducts monthly sessions for children ages 3 to 9 year olds. During these radKIDS focused classes we will cover effective verbal and non-verbal techniques that can be used to prevent, deter or escape from an abductor. For more details call our office..

 Price per Child (paid at training location):

 Community members 1st child: $10

 Community members additional child: $7

 Call our office to register and to obtain class location and times.

  Teens Bullying Prevention and Protection:

 Our CFC team offers private sessions for kids 10 to 17 year olds. During these specialized sessions we will cover effective verbal and non-verbal techniques that can be used to prevent, deter or deal with bullying.

 Customized lessons are available to assist you and your Child through these difficult times.

 Call our office to discuss your concerns and to schedule a private session at our training facility: 396-4864.


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Contact the Combat FIT team

  • Call: 520-396-4864 to register for Krav Maga
  • Office Hours: 12pm- 3pm Monday-Saturday
  • Email:
  • Main Location: 960 E.17th St. at HV
  • Satellite locations: UA campus and JCC
  • Class Hours: 3:00pm-8:30pm Mon-Thursday

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