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                                                    The month of August:  Survival Stories


 Hola Taxi

" We were in the back of this taxi cab in Mexico City last month when I realized we were in trouble. My husband was feeling very ill after eating some food from a vendor near the train station. I decided to take him to the hospital next to our hotel using a taxi cab to get us there quickly. I remember learning in a 'car defense workshop' that Bruce taught, the importance of knowing where you are going, the estimated fare and to look for a cab with 4 doors. I did so and selected a clean looking cab and driver. Of course I remember learning that looks can be deceiving but the tehniques we learned made me feel confident that I could take care of my vulnerable husband and myself. The cab driver stopped, noticed my struggle in holding my husband up and helped us in the back of the cab. I asked him in spanish to take us to the hospital near our hotel. As he drove I noted the road we were on and the direction we were heading was south and not north. I asked where he was going and he said he had to pick something up quickly then take us to the hospital. 'No se preocupe senora', he said. This was a red flag that this was not a good man. I thought about what I could do and not over react. At the intersection I noticed a young man working the gas station in his uniform. I immediately yelled...'hola Edwin' and waved at him. He waved and started approaching the car. The driver, confused, asked who is that. I replied, my cousin...hold on, he has money he owes me. The driver waited, once 'Edwin' approached I leaned over opened the door and shoved my husband outside. Startled, Edwin grabbed my husband. All this happened so fast that the driver didnt know what to do. I jumped out, tossed in some pesos that I had pre-counted and slammed the door. He sat there confused and very angrly yelled....'metate', this is a very disrespectful way of saying 'get in!' That was the final red flag. As I walked off with my husband I asked the gas station attendant his real name. He replied, 'Rodrigo a su servicio'. I thanked him for playing along and helping save us. He commented that even during the day there were alot of cab drivers that would rob tourists and that I was smart in escaping the way I did. My husband is now home safe and proud of me. I couldn't believe that I didnt have to use physical self defense techniques and that my mental techiques were as effective." Teresa M.

 A Smoke

Recently on my summer trip to Turkey I used Krav Maga and survived! I had been working late at the University of Istanbul on a research project for my PhD thesis when I decided to head back to the hotel to get some needed sleep. I was due to teach an early class the next day there at the University and decided to leave all my books in the lab. I was very tired yet was very aware of the choice I made to walk home late on the dirty streets of Istanbul. I remembered what Bruce used to say about being tired yet not allowing that to hinder our abilities to fight if need be. He had mentioned that taxi drivers in foreign countries that work late at night were as bad as the thugs on the streets. With this in mind I ignored the 4 cabbies that yelled: 'American Friend...I gib u rite'. As I dodged them, I approached the corner to my hotel and noticed a young Turk standing by a streetlamp. I made eyecontact and continued on my way when all of the sudden an older Turk steps out of a storefront and asks for a smoke. 'Yu hab cigar American?' he asked. 'Birakmak' I replied in turkish...telling him to step back. At that point he closed in and then I felt arms wrap around me from the rear. That younger turk from the light grabbed me in a bear hug! I delivered a push kick to the older guy in front of me and clenched the younger guys testes behind me. He released his hold and I sent 2 elbows straight back. I felt his teeth cave in as he screamed like a little girl. I bolted towards the corner and ran to the hotel for cover. Wow...I survived a real attack and was totally stoked! Thanks a million Bruce! You saved my life. I appreciate your dedicated service to all of us here at the University of Arizona!"- Dr. Ryan

Temple Mount

"During a recent trip to Israel I served with the teen IDF summer program. Upon graduating this intense program we were allowed to travel to tourist areas in Jerusalem. My friend and I decided to go to the temple mount which was now opened up to Jews, Christians and Muslims. The crowd was huge with thousands of different cultures represented. At one point I observed a young Jewish man bump into an older Muslim. They began to argue and push each other. I then pulled my friend back and placed him behind me as I had practiced back in Tucson with Bruce. As soon as I did this the Jewish man spat and slapped the elder. The old mans eyes turned to terror. He pulled a concealed knife and slit the mans throat...then plunging the knife into the mans abdomen. Everyone began screaming as the man feel in a pool of his own blood. The elder then began stomping on the blood empty body. It was horrible, the look on the mans face and the lack of color to his skin. Within 20 seconds IDF soldiers surrounded them. They restrained the elder and grabbed the mans legs and dragged him away...leaving a trail of blood from his pool of life left behind. The training in Tucson with Bruce helped me stay calm and vigilant of the ensuing potential retribution."-Simon E.


"Last month I was in Irvine, California with a friend of mine waiting for a dinner reservation. While waiting for the restaurant reservation, we decided to take a stroll around the area. As we were walking down a somewhat dark street, we heard a man's voice yell "Hey come back here!". We turned around and saw two large men wearing black, start heading towards us. We were both startled and became afraid because our only escape and only option was going into a darker area away from the main road. We then decided to start walking toward the men and take our chances. My friend asked if I had my knife on me, which I always carry, I whispered 'yea'. I then became more concerned about having a toss wallet as Bruce has always instructed us to carry. I then told him not to worry, and briefly explained how to get behind me and hold onto me if a fight broke out. A few feet away from the men I stopped and watched for any Pre-incident indicators. Suprisingly the bigger guy calmly asked, 'what were you doing?' It turned out they were both bouncers from a nearby club, who were ensuring we weren't doing anything illegal. Although this was a false alarm, it was nice to be able to act calmly and confidently in this situation due to the training I've received in Krav Maga"-Billy

Hammer strikes

 "On Sunday morning at about 9 am I was walking back home from my local church thinking about the sermon. I then heard a growl and noticed that the fence of one of the homes in the alley was ajar. Two pitbulls then approached me. I instinctly looked around for an improvised weapon and shield. I remembered learning that I shouldn't run because that will trigger the dogs "chase instinct". Luckily I found an old grill from a refridge . As soon as I reached for it the large pitbull moved in aggressively. I used the grill to hold him off. The smaller pitbull then went around an attempted to bite my leg. I hit her with the grill and at the same time the brown one lunged for my neck. I raised my arm to block the bite fell to the ground, as the other one bit my leg and pulled me down. I pushed kicked her with all my might and she yelped and moved away. The other one bit into my head and wouldn't let go. I yelled for help held his collar to prevent him from biting my neck and I hammered punched his chest non-stop. After about 3 minutes of combat with this beast, neighbors came to my rescue. Everything happened so fast but instinct and my previous training with Bruce saved my life. I appreciate my son's dedication in looking out for us and teaching all of our family some self defense techniques that not only work on humans but agressive dogs as well." Manuel (Bruce's Dad)  

                                                                             July tip

Be Prepared for a police state're guilty Until proven innocent 

Practice, practice, practice.....know your rights and express them, especially when dealing with Public Servants who wear the law enforcement uniform with a government issued badge, and then blatantly use these to intimidate you. To learn how to deal with rouge agents, click here. 

Its unfortunate that during these summer months... local government officials advocate for tactics that increase revenue for their coffers. Increase your awareness of  the number of motorcycle cops and hidden squad cars waiting for the slightest traffic infringement out there. Especially near Downtown, the UA, 4th ave and Oro valley.

Most of you have heard of Madrihks 2010 incident with Officer T. Brown and how Madrihk held him accountable with his department after the non PC-RS traffic stop. In 2012 one of Madrihks old schoolmates from New York had a horrible encounter with a bully with a badge. Like officer T Brown, this crooked individual tried to intimidate and actually crossed the line. While the number of "Psuedo Tough" yet truly insecure individuals hiding behind a badge like Brown exist... the numbers are limited. We must be vigilant though to how his type...Have an Agenda, Stereotype, Intimidate and Entrap the innocent, just for a power trip and for the overtime in court appearances. Good officers will Interview, Observe and then intellectually Profile. Understandably every officer faces potential threats to their life on a daily basis as they engage with the general public and unknown subjects. Yet good officers, treat everyone with respect and act according to each encounter. Below are some protocols to consider when encountering Public Servants that wear a badge from the DPS to CBP to TPD....specifically during traffic stops.

Be lawful and be vigilant...especially near the following areas:

1. On Broadway between Euclid and park ave near the UA.

2  At Euclid and 9th street near the UA and 4th ave.

3.  On broadway between highland and Campbell near the UA.

4. Congress and aviation parkway near downtown.

5. Oracle road north of ina....Oro valley.

If while driving you are 'chosen' for a traffic stop:

1. safely set up your cell phone to record the stop, or ask a passenger to do so.

2. lock your door and open your window half way. know where your documents are.

3. seek a safe area for the officer and yourself. Signal and slowly pull over.

4.  turn on the interior light and place your hands on the steering wheel

5.  Wait to see which type of officer approaches and be polite yet prepared

6. By law, if you are asked to step out of the vehicle do so. Professionals will first ask, then tell and possibly make you.

Good officers generally say: Good evening/afternoon, Im Officer ____. The reason I stopped you was because______. Can I see your license/registration/insurance?

Crooked cops are either overly friendly or curt and aggressive saying: You know why I stopped you? Let me see your license/registration/insurance?  Where are you going/ coming from?  These type, generally want to entrap you and violate your 4th amendment rights by searching your person or manipulating you to enable them to draw your blood without a warrant. The latter is more prevalent near the UA area where these crooked 'public servants' see "mobile money makers" drive by, generally by young naïve "sheep".

Insecure bully types without tack  say:  let me see your registration, license and proof of insurance. Where are you from? They on occasion will violate your 6th amendment rights. They overreact and shoot to kill... like shown here and here.

Now here is one of many examples of the good officers that exist out there (like in our classes).... he is a NYC officer.


The opinions expressed in this section Are soley those of Combat Fit, CFC -Soulseros enterprises, its employees and the Owner. They do not reflect or represent the thoughts, intentions, plans or strategies of or any employee thereof. The statements presented are based on fact and truth.  

   In memory of Honorable Men, Fathers and Cousins of our Chief Instructor


 "On October 25th 2010 an honorable man named Javier Maya was assassinated by two sicarios in the city of San Cristobal in Colombia South America. Javier was a good man who lived his life protecting his family, the poor, the elderly and stray animals in his city.

On the 23rd, Javier was getting fuel for one of his buses at a local gas station when he noticed a man and woman removing the license plate off their vehicle. Javier new that this tactic was not a good sign. He preceded to call the local police on his cell to report a possible robbery at the gas station. Within a minute the police arrived and took their positions. As soon as the masked gunmen exited the store, they were taken down. Javier then provided his statement and headed back to work on his bus. 

After having lunch with his family at home on the 25th, Javier started to prepare his motorbike to head back to work at his Transportation Company. As he was about to get on his bike, two assassins rode up on a motorbike. One approached pointing a pistol at his head and fired 3 shots at close range. The sounds of gunfire drew the attention of the housekeeper who was near the door. She peeked out the window saw the bike speed away and noticed Javier in a pool of blood.

Javier was a righteous hardworking man who cared deeply for his wife and two young daughters. He helped many in his community. The elderly would always await his visits when he headed to the countryside to give them rides into the city on his personal bus. Even one lucky dalmatian (one of the many dogs that Javier would pick up off the streets to help) found happiness when Javier actually kept him after a roadside rescue. Although taken from this earth by those cowards ambushing him in retaliation, Javier will continue to love and protect his family... in spirit. If you pray, please do so for my cousin and the beautiful family he left behind." -Madrihk Bruce


In September 2013 two other men, fathers and cousins of our Chief instructor were assassinated by two cowards using edged weapons. Alvaro and Dario were both brutally murdered as they worked one late evening in there humble store selling "gumball machines"  in Colombia South America. Please pray for the children and the loved ones they left behind.

                                                                                     June: Dog Attacks

The below recounts an incident that involved our Chief Instructor....this encounter exemplifies the importance of a warrior mindset, tactical offensive knife fighting skills and first aid abilities under stress.  
"At approximately 18:15 Friday night after an early dinner with Summer at King Fisher grill we decided to drive south through a quaint neighborhood on our way home. As we calmly drove talking about certain houses... I noticed an elderly male on the ground screaming at a young white woman who stood over him....struggling to hold her large pit-bull. The dog was snarling at the man dripping blood from its teeth.
We immediately attempted to use our truck as a barrier to protect him....parked at an angle...I jumped out, pulling my knife ready to kill the pit-bull. Summer ran towards the old man as she dialed 911. I approached the woman and her dog in Kill mode. She had the tears in her eyes screaming not to do it...sorry this  happened to his puppy.....I then realized the old man held his small Chihuahua in his arms, as it bled from a large dog bite to its abdomen. I retreated my weapon and went to aid the elder. The woman pulled her dog away. The pup was still breathing...we provided a shirt from our car to keep it warm. We could not put pressure on its wounds since it was apparent that the vice grip of the pit-bull had crushed the poor animal.
The old man was in shock...the woman was freaking....Summer and I dealt with both parties as they continued to scream. He started to clench his chest....heart attack about to happen....well yes, so we lifted him via a buddy crutch and lead him to an awaiting car that took him and the pup to emergency care. TPD showed up as we held the woman there for their investigation. She didn't flee due to many factors. We departed....."  Bruce
Dog Attack-Survival Strategies
Neighborhood- Prior to taking your dog/s on a walk, know the route, the neighbors, their dogs, the security of their fences/yards/gates for the potential of escaping aggressive dogs.
Safety- As you walk you should always scan for barriers, obstacles, improvised shields that can be used in case a dog attacks. Also, besides carrying the traditional poop bag and flashlight, consider carrying an edged weapon, spray or short unbreakable strong stick.
Walkers- As you approach another, observe how the owner leases his dog, how they control their dog on that leash, also note if its a retractable or harness type of leash.
Dogs- As you approach, assess the dogs temper. The height of the tail and ears are indicators of aggression. Its not the type of dog (not all pit-bulls or boxers are evil killers) its the demeanor and the energy of the owner that dictates how a dog will act. If the dog stares at your dog with ears back and tail stationary and high, tugging at the owners out for potential trouble.
If the dog shows aggression, immediately change your direction of movement into an area that can provided cover until the owner and dog walk by. A tree, large car, a patch of cacti all serve as potential obstacles.
Create distance:
Even a small aggressive dog can pull off a collar and sprint to attack. Get that distance and use the obstacle casually.
If you are surprised and cant take cover. Seek an improvised shield, your backpack or a nearby object that can be used. If you have time, lift your dog and place him on or in something high, like a nearby car, a trash can or tree.
If you have time use that same car, tree or trash can to fend off the dog. If you have a weapon deploy it.
Tell the owner to control the dog...repeatedly... in a strong commanding voice. If there is no owner command the dog.. loudly.. to call attention to others.
If the dog attempts to bite, feed it an object so its focus is diverted, As a last resort if your dog was not picked your leg in the way of the attack. It will be painful, but once it latches on to your leg hammer-strike the crap out their eyes or try kicking at their elbow snap it. Try to maintain your balance, do not fall. If you fall, shield your neck with one arm. If you were able to deploy a weapon (knife-cut around its neck, firearm-shoot at abdomen, spray-at eyes, stick-hit across eyes and nose). If no weapon, gouge eyes, rip trachea or split legs!
Create Distance and Care:
Injured or not, crawl, hop or run to cover. Perform immediate first aid...compress your wounds. If your dog was bitten...probability is you will not be able to put pressure on the wounds due to the crushing effect on its torso or neck. Call 911, they will send ems to you and direct you to animal control. Animal control will provide the address to the nearest Emergency Vet clinic. Stabilize and go. Get witnesses phone numbers only if the wounds are not grave. Just go!


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                                                 July: prepare for a different type of attack

-EMP Preparing for the aftermath of an Electro magnetic Pulse

-Biological or Chemical 

-Terrorism: IED or VBIED

-Civil unrest due to economic collapse



                                                                    May: student story

"I couldn't believe it but my friends left me behind at the club Saphirre on thursday nite. I looked everywhere for them. I didnt have my cell phone or wallet since I left those in my friends car. It was about 1:55am and I knew no one in the club. I then decided to set up a plan to get myself home. I'd walk to a friends house on 4th ave, high heels off ready to be used as improvised weapons, then call my husband to let him know I was safe. I knew he'd be calling me to see if I was ok but unfortunately the phone was in my purse on vibrate in my friends car. Well the plan was set in motion. I walked the mile to my others friend house, in the shadows avoiding honking cars, creepy drunks and other potential hazards. As soon as I reached the corner of my friends house, I noticed a young homeless guy crossing towards me. I sprinted barefoot, but he caught up to me and grabbed my butt! I pivoted quickly and slugged him across the face with a strong palm strike. He buckled over and I just took off running to my friends house. I startled them, but they pulled me in and I was able to call my worried husband. Luckily my Krav Maga training kicked in and I only used a palm strike and not my heels on that weirdo. As for my friends, they thought my husband had picked me up. They apologized to both of us and learned not to 'assume' anything!" -SM

                                                 May: Vehicle recovery and driver survival

                                        Prevent a vehicle Fish Tail spin out by:

Don't speed upon turns. Be aware of wet roads and sharp turns. Check tire tread, wear and pressure. Do not text, drowse, perform bedroom only acts or argue while driving. Wear seatbelts. Secure your pets and kids. Avoid having a cluttered interior, since during a rollover loose items become projectiles that can lodge into your body or snap your neck.

During a spinout:

In the event a spinout can not be avoided and you are in the spin...remember that some of the tires are hovering above the ground, using the steering wheel may be useful. You may not be able to use the wheel in this situation. Try to turn the wheel into the direction the car is moving. This direction may shift on water so steer accordingly. Look at the spot ahead you want to go. Don't stare at a tree, post, wall, or building but look at somewhere open and clear.

If you flip...the best approach is to let go of the wheel once you have begun to flip and cross your arms to keep them from flailing out the vehicle. You can pin yourself in place with your legs, brace, brace, brace!

Be aware of your surroundings, broken glass, tree limbs, dirt, rocks, cell phone and other items will be floating around  the interior. Pay attention to the direction the vehicle is rolling and whether or not the roof is caving in with each flip. If the roof begins to get too close for comfort you will have go into a fetal position to avoid injury. 

Once the vehicle has come to a stop you’ll want to kill the ignition as soon as possible to prevent a fire. Check yourself and your passengers for any injuries. Escape the area, call for help and treat injuries quickly.

                                               A Navy Seal education on firearms

Click photo to listen to Dom Raso, a veteran Navy SEAL. 

        Memorial day: Remember our fallen warriors 

In memory of Navy Seal Lt, Mike Murphy and Sniper Chris Kyle