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November: Protecting yourself against corrupt public servants

Practice, practice, practice.....know your rights and express them, especially when dealing with Public Servants who wear the law enforcement uniform with a government issued badge, and then blatantly use these to intimidate you. To learn how to deal with rouge agents, click here. 

Its unfortunate that during these months... local government officials advocate for tactics that increase revenue for their coffers. Increase your awareness of  the number of motorcycle cops and hidden squad cars waiting for the slightest traffic infringement out there. Especially near Downtown, the UA, 4th ave and Oro valley.

Most of you have heard of Madrihks 2010 incident with Officer T. Brown and how Madrihk held him accountable with his department after the non PC-RS traffic stop. In 2012 one of Madrihks old schoolmates from New York had a horrible encounter with a bully with a badge. Like officer T Brown, this crooked individual tried to intimidate and actually crossed the line. While the number of "Psuedo Tough" yet truly insecure individuals hiding behind a badge like Brown exist... the numbers are limited. We must be vigilant though to how his type...Have an Agenda, Stereotype, Intimidate and Entrap the innocent, just for a power trip and for the overtime in court appearances. Good officers will Interview, Observe and then intellectually Profile. Understandably every officer faces potential threats to their life on a daily basis as they engage with the general public and unknown subjects. Yet good officers, treat everyone with respect and act according to each encounter. Below are some protocols to consider when encountering Public Servants that wear a badge from the DPS to CBP to TPD....specifically during traffic stops.

Be lawful and be vigilant...especially near the following areas:

1. On Broadway between Euclid and park ave near the UA.

2  At Euclid and 9th street near the UA and 4th ave.

3.  On broadway between highland and Campbell near the UA.

4. Congress and aviation parkway near downtown.

5. Oracle road north of ina....Oro valley.

If while driving you are 'chosen' for a traffic stop:

1. safely set up your cell phone to record the stop, or ask a passenger to do so.

2. lock your door and open your window half way. know where your documents are.

3. seek a safe area for the officer and yourself. Signal and slowly pull over.

4.  turn on the interior light and place your hands on the steering wheel

5.  Wait to see which type of officer approaches and be polite yet prepared

6. By law, if you are asked to step out of the vehicle do so. Professionals will first ask, then tell and possibly make you.

Good officers generally say: Good evening/afternoon, Im Officer ____. The reason I stopped you was because______. Can I see your license/registration/insurance?

Crooked cops are either overly friendly or curt and aggressive saying: You know why I stopped you? Let me see your license/registration/insurance?  Where are you going/ coming from?  These type, generally want to entrap you and violate your 4th amendment rights by searching your person or manipulating you to enable them to draw your blood without a warrant. The latter is more prevalent near the UA area where these crooked 'public servants' see "mobile money makers" drive by, generally by young naïve "sheep".

Insecure bully types without tack  say:  let me see your registration, license and proof of insurance. Where are you from? They on occasion will violate your 6th amendment rights. They overreact and shoot to kill... like shown here and here.

Now here is one of many examples of the good officers that exist out there (like in our classes).... he is a NYC officer.


The opinions expressed in this section Are solely those of Combat Fit, CFC -Soulseros enterprises, its employees and the Owner. They do not reflect or represent the thoughts, intentions, plans or strategies of or any employee thereof. The statements presented are based on fact and truth.  

Real World Conditioning

December: Vehicle recovery-driver survival. Prevent a spin out


                                           Prevent a vehicle Fish Tail spin out:

Wear seatbelts. Don't speed upon turns. Be aware of wet roads and sharp turns. Check tire tread, wear and pressure. Do not text, drowse, perform bedroom only acts or argue while driving. Avoid having a cluttered interior, since during a rollover loose items become projectiles that can lodge into your body or snap your neck.

During a spinout:

In the event the spinout can not be avoided and you are in the start of the spin, then try to turn the steering wheel in the direction of the spin, adjust slightly to prevent a rollover. If a roll over occurs...remember that the tires may hit the ground or other solid objects, transferring the force through the steering wheel. You will not be able to hang onto the wheel in this situation. Also, the roof may crush down to the steering wheel. Your hands could become pinned between the wheel and glass or metal. The best approach is to let go of the wheel once you have begun to flip and cross your arms to keep them from flailing out the vehicle. You can pin yourself in place with your legs, brace, brace, brace!

Be aware of your surroundings, broken glass, tree limbs, dirt, rocks, cell phone and other items will be floating around  the interior. Pay attention to the direction the vehicle is rolling and whether or not the roof is caving in with each flip. If the roof begins to get too close for comfort you will have go into a fetal position to avoid injury. 

If the spinout does not turn into a rollover....thank God, Allah or whomever and try to drive your car to a safe area off the road. Asses the damage and take appropriate actions.

Once the vehicle has come to a stop you’ll want to kill the ignition as soon as possible to prevent a fire. Check yourself and your passengers for any injuries. Escape the area, call for help and treat injuries quickly.

September: Vehicle-driver survival. Prevent a T-Bone


 General Prevention Tips:

Wear seatbelts. Don't speed through yellow lights. Be aware of wet roads. Check tire tread-wear and pressure. Do not text, drowse, perform 'intimate' acts or argue while driving. Avoid having a cluttered interior, because... during an accident, loose items become projectiles that can lodge into your body or snap your neck.

Prevent a T Bone

 As you approach an intersection on green ensure to scan far left first then straight ahead for turn vehicles and finally quickly scan right as you enter and cross.  If you are stopped at the red (or stop sign) and then the light switchs green, wait 2 seconds before entering. During this 2 seconds scan as mentioned earlier.

During a t bone:

In the event you are hit on the side...remember the impact will be tremendous so immediately go into a fetal position and brace. The transfer of force will smack you around. You will not be able to hang onto the wheel in this situation. The inner compartment will crush in sending your partner next to you or your pets in the air. Your hands should be tucked so they do not become pinned or snapped off between the steering wheel, glass or metal. The best approach is to place them around your neck as you go into the fetal. Or once you have begun to spin and flip, cross your arms to keep them from flailing out the vehicle. You must prepare yourself to exit quickly try to free your legs and brace, brace, brace!

Be aware of your surroundings, broken glass, tree limbs, dirt, rocks, cell phone and other items will be floating around  the interior. Pay attention to the direction the vehicle is being pushed. You may be hit by another car and hurled in a different direction. In this case, just pray to Allah, Budda or Christ. 

Once the vehicle has come to a stop you’ll want to kill the ignition as soon as possible to prevent a fire. Check yourself and your passengers for any injuries. Escape the area, call for help and treat injuries quickly.

Remember September 11th


Click on photo above for a video tribute.

Remember the warriors left to die in the terrorist attack in Benghazi...Sept 11, 2012


October Stories


The below recounts an incident that involved our Chief Instructor....this encounter exemplifies the importance of a warrior mindset, tactical offensive knife fighting skills and first aid abilities under stress.  
"At approximately 18:15 Friday night after an early dinner with Summer at King Fisher grill we decided to drive south through a quaint neighborhood on our way home. As we calmly drove talking about certain houses... I noticed an elderly male on the ground screaming at a young white woman who stood over him....struggling to hold her large pit-bull. The dog was snarling at the man dripping blood from its teeth.
We immediately attempted to use our truck as a barrier to protect him....parked at an angle...I jumped out, pulling my knife ready to kill the pit-bull. Summer ran towards the old man as she dialed 911. I approached the woman and her dog in Kill mode. She had the tears in her eyes screaming not to do it...sorry this  happened to his puppy.....I then realized the old man held his small Chihuahua in his arms, as it bled from a large dog bite to its abdomen. I retreated my weapon and went to aid the elder. The woman pulled her dog away. The pup was still breathing...we provided a shirt from our car to keep it warm. We could not put pressure on its wounds since it was apparent that the vice grip of the pit-bull had crushed the poor animal.
The old man was in shock...the woman was freaking....Summer and I dealt with both parties as they continued to scream. He started to clench his chest....heart attack about to happen....well yes, so we lifted him via a buddy crutch and lead him to an awaiting car that took him and the pup to emergency care. TPD showed up as we held the woman there for their investigation. She didn't flee due to many factors. We departed....."  Bruce
Dog Attack-Survival Strategies
Neighborhood- Prior to taking your dog/s on a walk, know the route, the neighbors, their dogs, the security of their fences/yards/gates for the potential of escaping aggressive dogs.
Safety- As you walk you should always scan for barriers, obstacles, improvised shields that can be used in case a dog attacks. Also, besides carrying the traditional poop bag and flashlight, consider carrying an edged weapon, spray or short unbreakable strong stick.
Walkers- As you approach another, observe how the owner leases his dog, how they control their dog on that leash, also note if its a retractable or harness type of leash.
Dogs- As you approach, assess the dogs temper. The height of the tail and ears are indicators of aggression. Its not the type of dog (not all pit-bulls or boxers are evil killers) its the demeanor and the energy of the owner that dictates how a dog will act. If the dog stares at your dog with ears back and tail stationary and high, tugging at the owners out for potential trouble.
If the dog shows aggression, immediately change your direction of movement into an area that can provided cover until the owner and dog walk by. A tree, large car, a patch of cacti all serve as potential obstacles.
Create distance:
Even a small aggressive dog can pull off a collar and sprint to attack. Get that distance and use the obstacle casually.
If you are surprised and cant take cover. Seek an improvised shield, your backpack or a nearby object that can be used. If you have time, lift your dog and place him on or in something high, like a nearby car, a trash can or tree.
If you have time use that same car, tree or trash can to fend off the dog. If you have a weapon deploy it.
Tell the owner to control the dog...repeatedly... in a strong commanding voice. If there is no owner command the dog.. loudly.. to call attention to others.
If the dog attempts to bite, feed it an object so its focus is diverted, As a last resort if your dog was not picked your leg in the way of the attack. It will be painful, but once it latches on to your leg hammer-strike the crap out their eyes or try kicking at their elbow snap it. Try to maintain your balance, do not fall. If you fall, shield your neck with one arm. If you were able to deploy a weapon (knife-cut around its neck, firearm-shoot at abdomen, spray-at eyes, stick-hit across eyes and nose). If no weapon, gouge eyes, rip trachea or split legs!
Create Distance and Care:
Injured or not, crawl, hop or run to cover. Perform immediate first aid...compress your wounds. If your dog was bitten...probability is you will not be able to put pressure on the wounds due to the crushing effect on its torso or neck. Call 911, they will send ems to you and direct you to animal control. Animal control will provide the address to the nearest Emergency Vet clinic. Stabilize and go. Get witnesses phone numbers only if the wounds are not grave. Just go!