Combat F.I.T. Krav Maga 

  Self Defense Training in Real World Environments 

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4:05 PM - 5:05 PM -Krav Maga: Restraints
Seminar: Restraints TKM Principles of restraints and control Beginner Krav Maga: P1 and P2 The priniciples for control and restraint tactics will be covered. Designed to enable you to pre-empt an aggressive individual from becoming violent. De-es... more
5:05 PM - 6:15 PM -Krav Maga: Tactical

Krav Maga: Progressive TKM Course

6 weeks

Held midtown: PXFT 3461 e speedway

Drop in cost: $20

6:30 PM - 7:40 PM -Krav Maga: JCC
Beginner Krav Maga This 6 week session is held at the Tucson Jewish Community Center (JCC) and will expose interested individuals and family members (children 12 and older) in the foundational principles of Israeli Krav Maga (IKM). This JCC session... more