Combat F.I.T. Krav Maga 

  Self Defense Training in Real World Environments 

-Krav Maga: Throws 101

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Thursday April 12, 2018 6:05 PM - 7:05 PM
Annually on April 12

Seminar: Throws and Ground restraints

TKM: Weapons response using takedowns and throws

Rated: Beginner P2

In this TKM session learn weapon response with tactical sweeps, clips, trips followed up with ground restraints or ground combatives.

In this Tactical Krav Maga TKM class the weapons employed will be edged weapons and blunt objects hence this session is only open to select CFC students-IKM practitioners.

Registration protocol:

Sign up before 12:00 noon on training day. To cancel reservation, submit a 12 hour courtesy notice for full refund.

Location: RPBB


$15 TKM3

$20 TRA

$25 PVT