Combat F.I.T. Krav Maga 

  Self Defense Training in Real World Environments 

-Tactical Krav Maga: Active Shooter

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Monday January 7, 2019 5:05 PM - 7:35 PM
Annually on January 7

Tactical Krav Maga


Terrorism Survival

Session focus: Mass Shooting, Suicide Bombers, IEDs and Snipers . 

In Memory of the January 8th 2011 Tucson victims: Christina Green, Morris, Roll, Schneck, Stoddard and well as the families of the terrorist attack/ victims in San Bernandino.

Also in memory of the Paris victims: (17 in January 7-10, 2015) and (129 Friday the 13th November 2015) at the hands of the cowardly daesh Islamists.

This specialized TKM class is designed to facilitate the Survival Mindset of Leaders during a violent mass shooting-active shooter situation carried out by a Sniper or Single Gunman

This is part of UES Urban Escape Survival and our "Leadership in Crisis" series. This session is open to pre-approved individuals. No prior self defense training is needed. This is an 'un-armed to armed response' course. No live fire, ammo or real weapons will be used. Contact us for details.

The session will also present a broad range of medical emergencies from weapons specific injuries, primarily IED (explosives: to include sucide vests, grenades and vehicle bombs). Students will explore the core and raw aspects of first aid and CPR through scenario based practical application using improvised items. The use of moulage and role playing will provide a real victim, survivor and responder experience.

Secure your spot 3 days prior to the event by calling our office. Beginners are welcomed.

Items to bring: 2 black t-shirts, extra long dark socks, flashlite, bottle of water and back pack.

What to wear: Long pants, Cap, sweater, closed shoes and one clean, beat up, ragged out ugly t-shirt.

Location: Pxft

Seminar Cost:

2 hours 30 minutes

TKM4: $35

TRA3: $40

Flex Cost:

60 minutes only $15

90 minutes only $25


 Mass Shootings in the U.S.

February 2018: Florida: Racist SSRI murders 17 at high school

October 2017: Las Vegas: Rich loon shoots down 58 music fans

June 2016: Orlando Florida: Mental SSRI daesh wanna be kills 49.

December 2015 San bernandino California. Daesh Terrorist attack 14 killed.

November 2015 Colorado springs. Mental SSRI loon kills 3 injures 9.

October 2015 Oregon University, Mental Mammas boy picks off 9 Christians.

June 2015 South Carolina Church, SSRI loser massacres 9.

December 2014 Philidelphia, SSRI druggie murders 6.

September 2013 DC navy shipyard, mental SSRI loon kills 12

December 2012 Sandy Hook Conn. school, SSRI user slaughters 20 children +

August 2012 Wisconsin: Sikh Temple, Racist shooter, 6 murdered

July 2012 Aurora Colorado: Movie theatre SSRI user, 12 ambushed.

January 8, 2011 Tucson Arizona: Lunatic killer, 18 shot and 6 killed.

June 2010 Appomattox, Virginia: Woodsman killer 8 ambushed.

November 2009 Fort hood Texas: Terrorist attack, 13 murdered.

March 2009 Geneva Alabama spree: Unemployed loser kills10.

September 2008 Alger, Washington: Mentally ill SSRI user murders 6.

February 2008 DeKalb, Illinois: University killer, 5 killed.

April 2007 Virginia: Virgina Tech killer, 32 murdered.

December 2007 Omaha, Nebraska: Mall killer, 9 killed.

October 2002 Washington State: Sniper-spree, 10 died.

August 2003 Chicago: Factory killer, 6 died.

November 2004 Birchwood, Wisconsin: Hunter killer, 6 died.

March 2005 Brookfield, Wisconsin: Church ambush, 7 died.

October 2006 Pennsylvania, Nickel Mines: Trucker killer, 5 schoolgirls executed

December 1997 NYC, Manhattan Train-Subway, racist shoots 6 dead.

April 1999 Littleton, Colorado: Columbine High School killers 13 died.

July 1999 Atlanta, Georgia: Stockmarket killer, 13 died.

September 1999 Fort Worth, Texas: Church Ambush, 6 died.