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  Self Defense Training in Real World Environments 

-Krav Maga: Counter Terrorism

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Friday September 11, 2020 7:05 PM - 8:35 PM
Annually on September 11

Tactical Krav Maga: Survial Tactics


Session Focus: Counter tactics against domestic terrrorists-  Bloc Liar Marxists and Anarchists

Rated: Advanced level Krav Maga P5-P6

This specialized Tactical Krav Maga  "Military Style" seminar will focus on Urban Survival  tactics. It is designed to challenge the survival mindset during unforseen violent events involving terrorism and coordinated attacks within our neighboorhoods. Global scenarios involving an EMP detonation: vehicle bourne explosions, suicide bombers and extremist gunmen will be discussed. This TKM session will then focus on current issues and combine team tactics, operations and components of "Leadership in Crisis".

The session will also present a broad range of medical emergencies from weapons specific injuries. Students will explore the core and raw aspects of first aid and CPR through scenario based practical application using improvised items. The use of moulage and role playing will provide a real victim, survivor and responder experience.

Seminar Cost:

2 hours 30 minutes

TKM4: $35

TRA3: $40

Flex Cost:

60 minutes only $15

90 minutes only $25  



Registration Protocol

This specialtized TKM seminar is open only to select IKM practitioners and vetted community students. Call our office to register. A TRA threshold may be sign up soon.


Returning Students: Wear our normal training uniform. In your left cargo pocket have a hankerschief, knife and a mini flashlight. Bring a dark backpack and within it carry:

1. extra knife, one plastic bag, rain gear and mosquito repellant.

2.  improvised 1st aid kit, hat, an additional black or dark colored t-shirt.

3. two bottles of water and some form of nourishment (food) for chow.

4. a small note pad and ink-stick on your person. 

Finally carry a warrior attitude...only cry if you're broken or bleeding... otherwise suck it up.

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