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In March 2018 CFC began its expansion of safety awareness, too include, understanding the mentally disturbed, specifically those character flawed individuals having Malignant NPD and BPD (Narcissist/Borderline Personality Disorder). We expose those Malignant NPD-BPD's and their efforts to abuse the innocent. With our educational campaign, we invite you to continue sharing your stories via our meetings, classes, emails and this blog. While our initial endeavor is to protect you from the traditional perpetrator: thug, mugger, carjacker, robber, kidnapper, rapist, etc...we also strive in sharing information about those less talked about perps....the covert cowards with malignant NPD-BPD. We have exposed many of these weak vampires, all who hide behind the human mask, faking empathy yet using manipulation & lies to deceive the truly genuine.

Mental Health - Domestic Abuse - Partner Violence

Along with the counter tactics to deal with the typical threats of fights, assaults and robberies, our team also provides innovative awareness training's on mental health along with its contribution to abuse and violence. We provide 'recognition and avoidance' instructional sessions for: Corporate Events, After School programs and Family units.

Educational Programs on Non-Traditional Threats

Social and Emotional Skills Enhancement
Our team conducts on site presentations on Social and Emotional Skill Enhancement. SESE will help high school students develop a range of skills needed in life. These include the ability to:
  • understand and manage emotions. control impulses 
  • express feelings appropriately and show empathy to others
  • recognize and detach from toxic people. maintain a true self
  • establish and maintain positive relationships. know real love
  • successfully resolve typical interpersonal conflict. forgive 
  • make clear decisions, solve problems and take responsibility
  • set boundaries, respect others and effectively communicate
Malignant Mental Disordered
While a large percentage of self defense clientel come in to learn physical protection techniques, quite a few seek support in dealing with emotional abuse and violence. These survivors want to learn about their former partners mental health issues. We tackle the taboo of mental disorders, how to survive toxic relationships and how to hold them accoutable. Contact our team to find out about our covert trainings relating to:

Quarterly Blog

Deep state tyrants use 'Puppet Joe' to push Socialism. Yet President Trump still fights from exile.

Narcissists try to silence voices: via election fraud, socialist media censorship, distraction thru agitation.

Over the years studies have shown that many leftist dummy crats suffer from mental disorders. They create chaos, because within, they are chaotic, full of anger and have a sense of entitlement. These mentally disturbed individuals make for horrible partners and even more, horrible politicians and activists.

In a relationship, to find out if they are a narcissist, look for these signs...they will initially placate, overtime they manipulate, slowly demonstrating a lack of empathy and finally get enraged when challenged. Read an updated article relating to the latter here.

In a general sense, through politicians and activists we see the same behavior. These narcissists continue crying about systemic racism, the false fear over the china virus, yet push unconstitutional lockdowns, mask mandates and their 'experimental gene modifier injection' . They now distract from the fraud election and the border invasion using the pre-staged 'Capitol False Flag Event' where they used their own infiltrators, instigators and provocateurs...and where patriots are being held as political prisoners to this day. These socialist project their inner void and expose their Narcissism. Even more, the deep state copied the Reichstag fire where Hitler distracted when he stole the 1933 election.

This Systemic Narcissism is even more clearly visible with this illegitimate adminstration and fraudulent election. Politicians like: schumer, schiff, nasty pelosi, nadler, hillary, barrack, china joe, and kamelion hairass openly use their flying monkies in the media, the courts, the DOJ, FBI, ANFA (anarchists/facisists) and blm bolshevik liar marxists.

Right before La Femme flew back, she made a point about the use of "agitation and distraction' by malignant borderlines. She noticed the similarities of toxic relationships with malignant borderlines and narcissists through whats happening here in the US. The distraction is from the fraudulent election pushing the illegitimate "Puppet china joe" and his "vice-puppeteer commie hairass" . The Capitol 'event' was well coordinated by ANFA, the deep state, and the FBI using agitation through instigation ops. "Qanon" which is a false right group was set up by the deep state to trick patriots. Qanon "Q" is the deep states copy of the soviet's 1920 Operation Trust. This stolen election angered patriots like Ashli, but the deep state's Q movement used her and others as pawns. Now the deep states brown shirts hunt many. The socialist media, fb, twitter, google, amazon along with certain banks... persecute, punish and censor the truth. All while racketeering with the illegitimate china joes oligarchy...a replay of and our new Lyndon B Johnson.

As many of you know 'those mental retards' we once knew...those stuck emotionally as petulant 14 year olds are truly the empty black voids draining good people of their genuine light. An example, that borderline I used to know actually used DARVO and lied in front of state legislatures about a false accusation...all while real victims suffer. Her antics pushed the lawyer she hired and retained to actually fire HER! Even those narcs saw her malignant narcissism and abandoned her. Throughout her chaotic life that borderline I used to know manipulated law enforcement, the legal system, legislatures, feminist professors and even the media to smear the good people around her. In the end, she exposed herself. Most called her 'that crazy skank', a few 'the sick witch' and I, 'that little petulant void'. From bedding most of the hockey players to fornicating half of the dance team this mental retard projected onto others, yet in the end, demonstrated the chaos within.

Currently....gaslighting, projection, rage, distraction and word salad are on full display now with the media and those corrupt politicians...all against the true winner of the 2020 election, President Trump. POTUS stepped out of the office, respecting the constitution but not the stolen election. The regime used the wuhan china virus... and is currently using the fraudci developed 'bioweapon' jab in the US to control the innocent, and kill the patriots....just like 'Mr. depopulation bill gates' suggested. "Puppet joe" will do the deep states bidding while laundering money working with china. He and his puppet masters failed our nation, the world and now have blood on their hands.

Persecution and censorship are on the agenda for the next four years. In the end, just like that BPD I used to know, this corrupt administration will be exposed. Just be patient, but fight, stand, and let your voice be heard. These mentally sick individuals from our past always lose and so will this falsely installed socialist oligarchy.

January 2021: Honoring Rush...our 'Treasure Map' to the Truth

September-December: Masks, Lockdowns and Riots...the mentally disordered exposed

We are definitely in trying times. Plandemics, lockdowns, unlawful mask mandates and now false fueled riots are added to the mix. The protests for George and Jacob have been hijacked by the Bloc Liar Marxists, and Anarchists Fascists AnFa....both domestic terrorist groups made up of mentally disordered individuals pushing the lefts narratives...funded by soros and planned by barrack. Watch an 8 minute clip explaining the latter here. Now, while many of you are dealing with those narcissits in your life, these social events expose on a macro-scale the mental disorders that drive all these cowards towards abuse and violence. They project (I hate myself so much that I place it on you and I hate are not genuine), they triangulate (that crooked cop killed that black guy and its your fault whitey.....they say that you are crazy and deserve this), they split (society, the police, whites are ALL are bad never talk to me ever). Yes, these are a combination of mico-macro level abuse, but as you can see....they are all sick Borderlines and Narcisissts.

That NPD-BPD...borderline personality disordered individual: you dated, are married to, worked runs rampant as a looter. They all share projection, splitting and triangulation. They cant be reasoned with and cannot be trusted. They are not genuine and make you feel as if its you. You are good...they are bad....they are the problem....Its them. An example, that borderline i used to know...kraykray,  would use all of the above when challenged on her lies. In May, she was caught stepping out from our negotiated terms and cheated with a fat 'farmer' in mexico . She 'twirled' her hair...a clear giveaway she was lying...just as I confronted her. Projection, triangulation and splitting were all there. For some homework reading on these, click here.

Now keep in mind, we shall still meet in person during this time, all to clarify on the above. And guess who will be there?  La Femme! My primary is back in the USA!!! Yes, La femme made it back in time to see my anchor have the baby!! La Femme posted some amazing fotos of the little one along with some pictures of the riots back in France! She left those for these! Anyways, we are dealing with quite abit on our end and shall share stories with all of you soon. She n I are finally under quarantine, curfew and lockdown times baby!!

Also, remember.... you are not alone. Note that June 1st has been dedicated as Global Narcissit Abuse Awareness Day! Click the photo above to read more.

June - July- August: Narcissists, Flying Monkeys and this 'Wuhan China Virus' Lie.

This months topic: The entitled Narcissists use of gaslighting, projection and shaming.

Most American's continue to believe the lies and exaggeration of this 'panic-demic'. Lucky for us, this period just lends itself in exposing those with "Moral Narcissism". Those left wing news commentators, socialist politicians, nosey snitches and biased judges just use the falsehood of caring for the masses, when in reality.. its all about their power and control. Just like an NPD-BPD will wear that facade of a caring person in the beginning of your relationship, they were only projecting 'your true character' back to reality they are just insecure, empty voids that gaslight, lie and manipulate. Much like whats happening with this fake hype.

During our recent meetings...many of you have demonstrated successful efforts in escaping that FOG and cognitive dissonance. Slowly awakening to the truth of who your abuser really is...just a fake individual hiding their insecurities and their NPD - BPD. Unfortunately some of you are experiencing the futile attempts of these cowards as they 'try' to hurt you via: divorce proceedings, threats to sue for property, accusations towards you reflecting their own faults, and their petulant rages during child custody battles. These drama queens dont have the true power to face you, so they manipulate their flying monkeys in the legal, judicial and political systems to abuse you further.

That narcissist-borderline I used to know 'kraykray', tried to use her flying monkeys (social workers, nurses, co-workers, bosses, HR, cops, lawyers, bailiffs, judges, ...blah blah blah) to project her own shame onto me. Her blame-shifting attempts failed. She exposed herself in high fashion. As I witnessed her antics in court and laughed, you will too! It was an amazing feeling watching her 'mask' slip in court and listening to her theatrical efforts while..groveling, yelling and fake crying in front of that lame partisan judge....priceless!

Now, we will discuss the above in more detail at our next online meeting. Stay strong, fight on and wash your hands of those little disgusting dirty parasites! They always lose, always expose themselves and will always be empty voids.

Real, genuine, caring and powerful people are on their way to join you on your journey...believe me! Speaking of which, La Femme sends her love from France and will be here in three weeks....But in quarantine........with me!

April-May: 2020 "Wuhan China Virus" lockdown fueling DV

This months topic: weak Marathon times and the mental disordered Borderlines use of DARVO

Currently the world is dealing with this hyped up 'panic-demic', during this....we will continue to discuss other issues, those relating to DV (domestic violence) as perpetrated by those individuals with Cluster B personality disorders.

While the bureaucrats exploit this bio engineered and weaponized Chinese virus...all to control the masses. This only exasperate the incidents of depression, anxiety, interpersonal conflict, suicide ideations and domestic abuse from cluster B individuals onto those stuck at home with them. A recent example is the murder perpetrated by that cluster B woman in Phoenix. She 'accidently' poisoned her husband to protect him from COVID19. Read the article here.

Now, the above photograph presents information on  DARVO, a tactic used by the mental disordered to further abuse their victims. Typically used in intimate relationships, the disordered individuals create turmoil, lie, cheat, bait, project and then act the victim when caught or exposed. The true self, of the offender, the BPD-NPD  (Borderline or Narcissist) is a weak and insecure who manipulates their partner (their target, their victim) into doing what is needed to please the BPD-NPD. If the offender is not getting what they want, the NPD-BPD will then accuse, blame and smear the victim thus flipping the role. Now the offender (BPD-NPD) plays the victim when the true victim stands up for themselves.

An example: That "borderline i used to know' (BPD) was registered to run the Boston Marathon in April, so we booked flights together and flew out. During our trip DARVO was present throughout. Back then I was not fully aware of what it was, yet when she acted 'peculiar' I just attributed it to her Bipolar episodes. So, The night before the marathon we slept quietly in the basement of her brothers home. In the middle of the night she began yelling using DARVO stating "you are keeping me up...I will not do well on the marathon.." blah blah blah. Then upon her completion of the run she again jumped into her BPD-NPD tactics of DARVO. She blamed 'ME' for her horrible run time!!! She raged as we walked to the buses 'because of YOU, my run time SUCKED..its YOUR FAULT!"  This loser actually projected onto me her inadequacy.

Another example comes from her former 'friends' when they went on a road trip to Utah. That borderline signed up for Brice canyon Ultra marathon on impulse one day as we sat chilling on a saturday afternoon. Yet on the drive up to Utah her 'friends' say she again impulsively changed her registration to run the HALF marathon!!  One of her former friends related this story to me as she cringed. They called her 'OFC', the old fat clown (her former teammates share this nickname of her, one of many others) OFC often made them cringe. "She was really weird...people starting talking about her" ...:especially after she cried in the car about her Ultra marathon dilema"....OFC actually used DARVO on them! I asked this friend if the  BPD ever play the victim, faked fear-anger, acted worried for a moment then petulant for the next? The friend acknowledged this toxic behaviour. This friend was appreciative and relieved in learning the truth of that BPD. After some discussion, it turns out that the BPD would go into NPD mode, switching from tears and victimhood into contempt, disgust and entitled behavior. Her past friends or  "her former flying monkies' would believe her but over time the BPD was exposed. Her DARVO attempts failed again.

Now, if you have any comments or questions....please note them so we can discuss during next weeks meeting. La femme is still stuck overseas, but safe and will join us virtually!


March 2020: Our PHX rally adventures. The cluster-B's tantrums.

We are back and ALIVE from our whirlwind mini-vacations! One being, the rally with President Trump up in Phoenix! La Femme's host parents hooked us up with seats in the arena! Check out the photos on her was amazing to be so near him!! OMG! It's funny now to be up there, knowing that the 'liar i used to know' aka....kray kray the Narcissit with BPD, had to face our honorable President Trump. Stories are abound on how she is doing kraykray things up there now. How she has tried to use her manipulation tacitcs to get discounts on her new car and scottsdale apartment. Wierd and gross things. Oh if you only knew the heartache this poor petulant princess felt when her NPD mother wanna be,  the "Persist" failure queen, dropped out of the race before her rally up there! Anyways, enough on that poor loser and loose-her. Now lets get back to real ville.... thank you all so much for covering for us during our adventures!  Please read and share the below information La femme has compiled. Also, please send her positive vibes as she works on her final chapter and tool box....she is almost a PhD baby!!!

This months topics: Gaslighting, Distortions and Splitting

The above diagram demonstrates how those mental disordered NPD-BPD's  expose their disorder. As always, please click the photographs as each will show more information. Our alliance has put forth some fascinating connections with therapists, counselors, advocates and authors. Please share all the information, spread to this everyone and empower more survivors of this hidden type of abuse.

To the uniformed, the below diagram seems disconnected and spiraling, but if you have seen this pattern then you have dealt with a mental disordered mind. Mon cheri madrikh playfully uses this to teach. Yet with his own experiences in boxes. He survived that mental salad in a humorous way.

Also, click on the above flowchart as it arrives from our favorite advocate, Dr. Palmatier, a very powerful woman helping men leave toxic relationships. That theme in the photo expresses how corrupt the NPD-BPD is.  So toxic in their rages that they manipulate their supply, into apologizing for everything.

Before I dive back into my studies I must thank you all and my host family for the joyous support and love you share endlessly. Our educational campaign has helped so many people heal, grow and strive. They are new lights shining upon our hearts. I love you all! See you at the meeting, A bientot! 

January-February: 2020. The BPD-Narc is void of it.

February topics are below with examples of each.

Flying monkeys as useful idiots

Professional Pseudo Victim Card
Distorted beliefs and weird attitudes 
Their Anger outbursts when exposed
Inability to take responsibility but ability to blame
Delusional thoughts and warped memories of events
Cognitive dissonance and their use of false narratives

Lies, manipulation,, baiting and set up methods

BPD-Narc's truly are mediocre liars and manipulators, since they are weak, they seek a host to feed off...leeching energy, money and time. They generally are lazy, empty vessels trying to get through life by taking the easy road, tricking those with power, position, or money. When exposed, they create narratives, believe their own lies, stick to these irrationally and then manipulate useful idiots around them. Overall, if you are too innocent to see through their façade then you may fall for them. But with us, the enlightened ones, they scurry away....screeching at the top of their lungs, their 'victim cry'.

Here is an example, during valentines, kray kray that narcissist-borderline I used to know, made a futile attempt to cook us dinner. I laugh now, but this poor little princess did not like to cook. Yet that day she heated up a pre-cooked meal with a side of M&M's set as dessert. I enjoyed her attempt, but she began to rant and rave when I reached for the wine I brought us. "You dont like what I cooked you!?" Her victim cry was in full effect. I now realize that her co-morbid BPD-NPD was on display. In normal relationships one can banter, joke and have fun. With this one, you have to walk on eggshells.... around the petulant princess.

Now, at this moment in time, I can attest, that you all will get through the FOG during valentines. Once you know who these sick liars are, and expose them, true love will be known. They are incapable of it, but once you find it outside of that skewed 'pseduo relationship', you will know it. Believe me, an abundance of love will appear in your life. I am lucky in having 5 beautiful loves in mine. I much rather have these 5 real ones vs that one fake kray kray one.

January topics:  Orbiting,  Lies and Manipulation Tactics

Come to our next meeting and learn how BPDs manipulate circumstances, lie  and use flying monkeys to act as their witnesses. These loons play the victim card as they try to be slick in baiting and entrapping the innocent. Paid lawyers, tricked coworkers, fooled fwb and manipulated law enforcement all fall prey to this crazed losers confabulations. These weak perpetual victims find it so easy to waste resources from real folks in need of help.... true victims of rape, robbery or abuse suffer as these poor little cry babies call for pseudo assistance. They just fail over and over and over again.

As an example, late in January kray kray that narcissist-borderline i used to know, tried to make a scene at a public venue in Phoenix that we were at before La femme drove in. kray kray began her drama queen show by initially loitering around my friend AJ and i. We noticed her futile attempt to garner attention and just ignored her. This seemed to infuriate kray kray. She then tried again to impose her sleezy presence by walking near my crew with her phone out. We ignored her again. Her final attempt to make herself matter, was to call the cops with a sob story. Funny, but during the 48 minutes she cried and lied to the police...La Femme and I met up, danced, then just casually walked by kray kray as she stood in the dark alley with her new tall boy target. It was amusing to hear her fake cry into the phone while she calmly sucked on her beer bottle.

As her four flying monkeys drove up in their squad cars, La Femme and I greeted one of them by the alley and then gleefully headed towards her new mustang to get warm and cuddly.  During kraykrays tantrum, our buds called to interrupt our honeymoon to report that the clown faced fat queen attempted to spew 'her wacked perceptions' to the po-po. Her poor new target, the dot dj, and her old lady sidekick were all said to have looked confused. We just laughed in the back seat of the car.....her depressing antics were on full display. One day, you too will laugh. Once you know who your ex really is, it will all make sense. The louder they cry and lie, the stronger and more content you get.

December 2019: The gift of the discard

This months topics: Future faking, mirroring and word salads

Keep in mind, those mentally sick individuals with Borderline/Narcissistic Personality Disorders that were in your life, saying "You are my soul mate. I will never hurt you, I love you from here to the Andromeda galaxy"...have all along planned their discard around this month. Many survivors feel as if they are in the FOG after this phase. Well. during this Christmas season be open to the idea that when the Narc or Borderline sent you into the devaluation and discard phase, this was in essence a gift. When they lied, blamed and accused you they were in reality: Gas-lighting and Projecting what they themselves were actually doing.

Here are some examples of what that "narcissist-borderline i used to know" tried to gaslight in November: "I love you babe (while sitting on the curb drunk at 0200am with the guy she picked up at a bar downtown to give an epicbj, yet called me to find the phone he took); "You and MCH are the only ones that I trust to be the real me. I love you so much. (then I catch her sending a Whatsap message to the german drug dealer trying to get weed and cocaine). "Do you sleep with your cousin! (this reflects her own incest shame. She says this after hacking my computer and finding old emails from my x-wifey and other play partners)" Weird stuff huh? Well these sickos are on the level of pedophiles, rapists and con artists. They all groom, take advantage of and then instill pain on their victims. That "person i used to know" or as we some of her former friends call her... the "Skank", (not slut, cuz sluts have some class, are STD weary and straight up tell you what they are really about and want) the skank, provided many gifts that I see now. One day you will be out of the FOG and see all of your gifts. La Femme is right, the Skank gave me the best Christmas gift ever on December 1st. That gift... was when the facade fell and her rage, gaslighting, DARVO and blame-shifting were on true display, You may be struggling at this time, with hope and dreams crushed. But believe me, true dreams are on their way for you. The gift given by that weak fool, allowed me to meet...La Femme, a true strong woman...a gift and prize beyond belief.

In the next meeting and subsequent blog posts La Femme and I will present more of the skanks lies...her lies on multiple levels: to co-workers, HR, mutual friends, walking dildo's or as she tells them, her BF's, dee-jay, team mates, family members, bouncers, barmaids, bartenders, nurses, law enforcement, advocates, detectives, lawyers, judges,state senators, meditation guides, realtors, neighbors, landlords, mailman...the list goes on and on...and will go on and on. She is sick, mental and lost.....yours is too.

Also click to read about: Orbiting, hoovering and Baiting . Borderlines use these toxic tactics around the holidays.

November 2019: Exposing the Empty Void of a Narcissist

This months topics: the FOG, triggers and CPTSD
Join us at this NPD awareness summit by clicking: here.

Watch this great 30 minute clip exposing the Narc: here

Also, click the photo above read a article in the Tucson Weekly!

October 2019: Mentally Disturbed- Projection and their false self

This months topics: their shame, they blame and project onto you what THEY are actually doing.

Thank you all for the continued support, stories and efforts in growing from your experiences with those Narcissists and Borderlines in your life. As you all know, La Femme and I are back from celebrating our 2 year anniversary out in Colorado. We have hit the ground running and will add more to the blog in the coming days. Her IG has some nice photos/videos of our meetings with those great authors/writers/advocates we have told you about ! In the interuim please read about "Projection" and how Narcissists-Borderline personality disordered individuals will project on you, their own issues/behaviors. Click here for details.

Projection, as some of you are learning, actually becomes a great tool that we can use to expose them. In reality it shows what 'they' are thinking and doing behind our backs. That narcissist-borderline NPD-BPD I used to know, projected the following onto me back in 2017: "you are cheating on me with your wife, that Brazilian, that law student and that crossfitter. you are leaving me. you replaced me immediately. you are delusional. you gave me that STD. you dont care about me." All of those projections were actually reflecting and saying: "I have BPD and am cheating on you, I actually slept with 3 men all in the first week of September and will be leaving you before our Christmas trip since I replaced you immediately with that engineer who gave me the STD in october and then i gave it to you since I didnt care enough about you or him or the other several semen donators to request protection as you had wanted me to have so its all your fault since we were not solid." Blah Blah Blah Blah. This word salad is exactly how they try to fog your mind. Its hilarious now but if you are still going through this its becomes gas-lighting to the extreme. We shall talk of this next month too.

In the meanwhile, we will be sharing more stories to help in your understanding and healing from these covert abusers at tomorrows meeting. In particular my experience with that waif/witch or as some of her former friends call her "NPD-nasty petri dish, Fat Clown, Big foot, Krazy K, Cringe, and Jedi Flipper". We all laugh now and you will too, once you realize how those weirdos try to hurt you. Trust me, you will be okay. Their attempts to project, blame and accuse does seem frustrating, but in the long run will make you a powerhouse and overtime will expose their weakness to everyone.

See you all tomorrow at the meeting! La Femme will be bringing some of her special baked croissants so get there early to get some!!

May- September 2019: Non-traditional Perps

The mental disordered "Narcissists and Borderlines" manipulation tactics

To learn of tactics they use: Gas lighting, Blame-shifting, Misdirection, Word salad and Projection...when caught in lies: click here

The above book was a great recommendation from one of our friends in our group. Thank you CLF.  Again our team here at CFC continues to serve as a beacon of education on the taboo subjects of mental health issues. Bad people are not just robbers, thieves and terrorist but they can be that fake friend that makes promises then eventually betrays you.

Thank you everyone for you contributions to our educational campaign. Mon amie has been busy traveling visiting me in phoenix on the weekends, with Grad School and planning his great interview on two radio stations in Tucson on this subject. His voice is rising to heights that the fat clown could not control. Failure was her achievement.  

Also, I appreciate all the kinds words for my sisters recovery from the bombing in France last month. In addition the triathlon support in CR was overwhelming, a feat I am so proud of. Mon amie will be in France with me in July so updates will be posted to IG. Sev is again the lead for the upcoming meetings so dont miss out! As always continue to advocate and share this information. We must continue exposing the cowards that try to control and hurt. At our last meeting we had 33 resilient warriors of the heart! Merci pour tout ...abientot!

#MenToo- A voice for the silenced - Click to read about a heroine, Dr. Palmatier

Salut mes amies! We are back from our spring break adventures in CR! Well, actually I Femme is still there prepping for her ultra. I will be returning in April.....2Cer rock until then she wanted me to update our blog... cause she be slacking again!!

The above book was a gift from her dad. Finally got to meet him there, a real cool cat and also a survivor of betrayal. He was an inspiration, solidifying that we are on the right track of surviving and thriving. I will bring the book to our next meeting so yall can review it.

Education and the knowledge acquired truly are the shields that help fend off those silent criminals that prey upon the innocent. The latter being the NPD, SPD and BPD manipulators.

Femme will be back in Phoenix, then Tucson for abit so....keep an eye on her IG for stories on her lost crunchies, our zipline escapade plus that poor dumb ash pickpocket, that she dealt with. Its so refreshing having a true strong woman by my side! Although she used her Savate-kickboxing moves, they were still effective like KM. Woman Power Baby!! Fight Fight Fight...for refugees, for the abused and for those too busy eating ice cream to deal with a punk-ash pickpocket!! Come to our next meeting so we can share more of these stories, hear some of yours, and chow down on her famous brownies...and oh yeah, lets learn some more about: "stonewalling, projection and gaslighting" all toxic coping mechanisms used by those fake wolves in/outta our lives.

Perpetrators, Cowards and Masks

In our new educational campaign, we invite you to continue sharing your stories via our meetings, classes, and emails. With this vast information we hope to protect many from not only the traditional perpetrator but the covert cowards with NPD-BPD who wear the mask as they try to attack the mind, body and soul of good people. 

By the way, I am now the blog manager for CFC and appreciate your support. Thank you for your patience as well, as my English grammar is a challenge yet still. As many of you know, my work in France has now transitioned to here for: mental health, violence, and abuse amongst refugees. I will cover the macro level issues while our staff will input on the micro level in madrikhs classes. Also, we will soon share stories of our trip to Italy and France where madrikh and I used some nice tactics.

True Women Warriors: Face Challenges With Self Control

French women showing how to fight first

Why do I speak of this? Well, a BPD-Narc is the exact opposite example of the women in the photo above. On the macro level:
BPD-Narc's infiltrate and misuse that American #METOO movement. Stifling real victims of oppression, abuse and violence.
True women warriors seek justice with self respect, honor and reasoning.
We do not play the victim card, we do not scream, project or accuse. On the micro level they are toxic in relationships and are the ugliest of all criminals.

Marianne our French Symbol for Liberty and Reasoning used knowledge to triumph. We will too, on the macro and micro levels. My sisters above dressed in honor of Marianne. Walking in her memory and allegiance with those that currently suffer under that incompetent government. 

Do you want to see an American patriot who recently faced oppressor and held them accountable for silencing her voice, click  here.

April 2018 Recommended Reading

March 2018: The reality of a fake, empty void...a borderline personality disordered perp.

You may actually know one. Read about the covert type of: 
These character flawed individuals have co-morbid Borderline Personality Disorder and Narcissist Personality Disorder. 
They are pitiful fragile weak cowards who wear the mask of being the tough one, while playing the part of the professional victim. They accuse, they blame, they project the ugliness within them. They lack self control yet seek to control you. Learn about their sad worthless tactics. Become aware of their toxicity, hold them accountable and then calmly from afar and see how they expose themselves to the reality of their trivial empty life. Read about their flying monkeys, manipulated saps posturing in undersized wrinkled suits flailing in the FOG  while the BPD-Narc rages and squirms as a petulant queen. This story is understood by enlightened targets, skilled survivors and of course that pathetic pseudo vic...the "BPD-Narc". Click on the below informational links and share them with others. These sad little leeches fall apart when we gain knowledge and see the truth.

été mis au mardi. oui mon amour Je vais corriger cela sur le blog. C'est vrai, la sorcière idiot encore échoué. l'imbécile seulement expose la maladie qu'elle

Examples of their weakness.

     February 2018: Vehicle Recovery and Driver survival Tips

Prevent a vehicle rollover:

Don't speed upon turns. Wear seatbelts. Secure your dogs. Be aware of wet roads and sharp turns. Check tire tread-wear and pressure. Do not text, drowse, perform 'intimate' acts or argue while driving. Avoid having a cluttered interior, because... during a rollover, loose items become projectiles that can lodge into your body or snap your neck.

During a rollover:

In the event the rollover can not be avoided and you are in the roll...remember that the tires may hit the ground or other solid objects, transferring the force through the steering wheel. You will not be able to hang onto the wheel in this situation. Also, the roof may crush down to the steering wheel. Your hands could become pinned between the wheel and  metal frame. The best approach is to let go of the wheel once you have begun to flip and cross your arms to keep them from flailing out the vehicle. You can pin yourself in place with your legs and get ready to "brace, brace, brace!"

Be aware of your surroundings...tuck your head because broken glass, tree limbs, dirt, rocks, cell phones, coins and other items will be floating around the interior. Pay attention to the direction the vehicle is rolling and whether or not the roof is caving in with each flip. Listen to the cave in and if the roof begins to get too close for comfort,  go into a fetal position to avoid injury.  If you are heading towards a tree, firm structure or ravine....accept it, relax the body and pray.

Once the vehicle has come to a stop... reach for and turn off the ignition to prevent a fire. Check yourself and your passengers for any injuries. Remove or slip off the seat belt. Escape the area, call for help and treat injuries quickly.

 January 2018- a crooked cop


"A crooked cop came across us last month. To provide some context, we were returning from a birthday party up in Oro Valley and were driving down south on Oracle road at about 2 am saturday morning. I was wearing my typical weekend outfit looking like an ole' retired special ops guy, half beard and all. As we approached Cortero road I noticed this squad car just sitting in the median. As soon as we passed, this cruiser made a U-turn and started to follow us. I told Summer, 'I bet you he is going to stop us for no reason'. She replied 'why, because you're brown and look like an old gangster?'. I chuckled and told her to get the cell phone ready to tape this interaction. He followed us about a mile and before we got out of his jurisdiction he hit the lights. I proceeded to pull over. It turned off the car, turned on the interior dome light and placed my hands on the steering wheel. He approached and without introducing himself or mentioning why he stopped us he proceeded to say 'let me see your license'. I had it ready, gave it to him and waited again to hear the reason for the stop. He stared pensive at my license, leaned into my window and started sniffing. At this point, Im thinking this guy is a newbee with an agenda. I then asked the reason for the stop at which point he stood back and said 'because you were swerving all over the place back there'. I replied 'no I wasn't, youve been following us, why would I do that?' He immediately yelped 'what was that...are you arguing with me?' I then said 'whats your name?'. He backed up again to hide his name and then I said...'Officer T. Brown...I am not arguing with you'... ...'are you arguing with me'?...was his comeback. At that point another cruiser pulls up and then he says 'I will be right back'. It took this guy 6 minutes to run me and after chatting with his buddy returns saying, 'sorry my computer was slow'. I reply...'thanks Brown'. He walks away without saying anything else. This crooked cop was on a mission and I thought I had him on tape. Unfortunately, it was a new phone and Sum didnt know how to use it. Without this evidence, I called the next day, talked to his supervisor Sgt Lopez and discussed the stop with officer T. Brown "mr. uni-brow" as his fellow officers call him. I went as far as consulting with our attorney and drafted an 'incident report' which I then submitted to their internal affairs. Bottom line, if you are innocent and get stopped, prep a recording device as backup, then report these rogue individuals that make it harder on all the true Law Enforcement Officers out there." -Bruce

Be Prepared

Practice, practice, practice.....know your rights and express them, especially when dealing with Public Servants who wear the law enforcement uniform with a government issued badge, and then blatantly use these to intimidate you. 

Be lawful and be vigilant...especially near the following areas:

1. On Broadway between Euclid and park ave near the UA.

2 At Euclid and 9th street near the UA and 4th ave.

3.  On broadway between highland and Campbell near the UA.

4. Congress and aviation parkway near downtown.

5. Oracle road north of ina....Oro valley.

If while driving you are 'chosen' for a traffic stop:

1. safely set up your cell phone to record the stop, or ask a passenger to do so.

2. lock your door and open your window half way. know where your documents are.

3. seek a safe area for the officer and yourself. Signal and slowly pull over.

4.  turn on the interior light and place your hands on the steering wheel

5.Wait to see which type of officer approaches and be polite yet prepared

Good officers generally say: Good evening/afternoon, Im Officer ____. The reason I stopped you was because______. Can I see your license/registration/insurance?

Crooked cops are either overly friendly or curt and aggressive saying: You know why I stopped you? Let me see your license/registration/insurance?  Where are you going/ coming from?  These type, generally want to entrap you and violate your 4th amendment rights by searching your person or manipulating you to enable them to draw your blood without a warrant. The latter is more prevalent near the UA area where these crooked 'public servants' see "mobile money makers drive by, generally by young naïve "sheep".

Insecure bully types without tack  say:  let me see your registration, license and proof of insurance. Where are you from? They on occasion will violate your 6th amendment rights.

Now here is another example of the good Leos that exist out there (like in our classes).... he is a NYC officer.


The opinions expressed in this section are soley those of Combat Fit, CFC -Soulseros enterprises, its employees and the Owner. They do not reflect or represent the thoughts, intentions, plans or strategies of or any employee thereof. The statements presented are based on fact and truth.

December 2017 Student Stories


Street Punks

"I also want to tell you a story.... Last week, I was leaving a restaurant and started to text on my phone when someone grabbed my phone. I pulled it back and looked up. It was two teenage PUNKS who were looking for stuff to take and they thought I would be a good target....Ha...they were wrong!
I then started to walk away but they started to follow me to the Walgreens further down the street. These little punks (it was really just one, because his friend wasn't really looking for trouble) kept talking crap, saying "gimme yo phone" and "I need to make a call" and "I could beat you up, gimme yo phone". Hmm I thought, 'where have I heard that before?"...In Krav Maga training of course!
He then pretended to have a weapon, but I knew he didn't, because I had already sized him up as we were walking. When we finally got to the Walgreens, he grabbed my arm, tried pulling me but I was already inside the Walgreens foyer. I stood my ground, stared directly at him and performed a basic wrist defense...pulling myself free. He let go and then his "friend" pulled him away... saying, "Let's go, we don't want none of that!"
A few days later, I watching the local news and they reported that a spree of robberies were occurring where people were getting their laptops and cell phones taken by "kids who have implied that they had weapons" in my neighborhood. I thought, "Wow, that could've been me." But thanks to you Bruce and all that training in Tucson, I knew I didn't even need to use violence to defuse that situation." -Phil S. DOD Security Intell Analyst 

Road hazard

"During a recent holiday roadtrip to New Mexico, my wife and I stopped at an auto store to replace a burned out headlight. As I pulled out my tool box and my wife held the flashlight, I noticed a shadow approaching us. I immediately remembered what Bruce had taught us relating to protecting those that are not trained. I calmly pulled my wife behind me and guided her to our vehicle telling her to get ready for action. At this time a 6 foot tall 200 pound drunk man approached, asked if I needed help and in my 'ready stance' I replied 'everything is cool man'. He became agitated and I prepped my tactical plan as I remember from Bruce's classes. He staggered forward and I held him at bay. He stood confused yet frustrated at the fact that his stature was not intimidating me. I told him 'back away buddy, things will get ugly if you don't'. He continued to stare me down and finally made his retreat. My wife later told me she felt so sacred initially but then saw my stance and remembered that I had been training with Bruce at CrossFit Works. She and I are very grateful for Bruce's Israeli Krav Maga courses."- Rene M. IT Supervisor

             June 2017 Featured Stories

Combat Artists and other hidden skills

Can you believe that Bruce Lee was a Cha-Cha Champion and that Imi Sde-Or enjoyed Ballroom dancing with his wife? Well its very true. To see Bruce doing the Cha-Cha click here. Also, IKM practitioners and CFC clients...guess who you know personally that also has this hidden talent of dancing...hmmm?

 Student Stories

A Fire Rescue

"The above fire, is what we faced as we left our home December 10th 2011. Our neighbors Christmas tree went up in flames while they were out for sunday dinner. It was eerily quiet in our neighborhood, but as we walked to our driveway the warmth and the brightness of the flames caught our attention. Once we realized the danger, we went into action. Summer and I jumped through the ravine stumbling along as she managed to call 911. Upon reaching the house I tossed a rock through a window and began yelling 'FIRE...GET OUT'. Through the living room window I could see the tree in flames. I then ran towards the water hose as Summer turned on the water and passed information to the 911 operator at the same time. As I attempted to put the fire out...the water stopped flowing. I dropped the hose and ran around the back looking for another water source. At this point I noticed the guest house behind the main residence. The TV was blasting and I realized that they were oblivious to the flames right outside their door. I grabbed another rock tossed it and yelled 'fire ..get out'. At that very moment an elderly male burst through the door like a 12 year old kid. Summer and I guided him to the street as EMS arrived. Luckily the rest of the family was out, except for the 2 young dogs that were sacrificed by smoke inhalation. Fast action, a plan and team work were essential in saving at least one life. Please watch those candles and Christmas trees this month!"-GySgt Bruce. 

Friend Fight 2011

..." two Fridays ago a female friend called Summer from 4th avenue, drunk, needing help getting a ride home. I went with Summer to pick up her friend up at about 10:30pm. We got there and found her texting as she sat unlady like on the side walk. We then attempted to corral her as she walked into traffic towards our car. We then drove her home...this little drunk 'entitled' friend then started arguing with her boyfriend on the phone. She started yelling at him and threw the phone in the car, Summer picked it up, talked to the boyfriend and then he started to INSULT Summer...I then took the phone and set him straight. But, as typical abusive boyfriends are, cowards, he then attempted to deliver a lame threat to 'cut my throat'! I invited him to do so and told him I would wait for him at his girls house...he never did show. The drunk girl, once at home started yelling for him in the parking lot...Sum tried to quiet her down and then this entitled drunk started hitting Summer! Sum then flipped her mental switch from being a caring friend to a vicious fighter. Sum pounced on her like a beast. The drunk fought back but Summer went hard core and took her down! It was a bad ass site to see! The brawl went on for about 2 minutes as Sum would stop, restrain the drunk, then tried to console her but the drunk would start up again. Eventually this drunk realized she was not going to get her way. The entitlement attitude soon dissipated. The following day, the chick claimed being in 'blackout' and apologized for her boyfriend who was high on cocaine...lame excuses all around." -GySgt Bruce

More Student Stories

The stories below come from our students unfortunate experiences in December. Each story depicts a scenario involving a car. All have attended the Car-Jacking and Roadrage defense CFC seminars held throughout the year.

A.C.-'As I made a legal left turn this white car t-boned the smoke cleared the driver stepped out in an angry fashion...I prepared for a road-rage situation and shifted into a combat mindset....luckily she just stepped out of her car in shock. My mindset then switched to providing emergency care'.

A.P.- 'On my way back home, I noticed this young couple arguing in front of my apartment complex. I slowly drove by with my window open and listened in....I used ODA.... I noticed that the lady had a large rock in her hand. She spat at her boyfriend and threatened to hit him in the head with the stone. I remembered from class that DV situations are the worst to get involved I dialed 911. As she reared her hand to strike her boyfriend I jumped in and tried some of the 3rd party protection tactics...they worked and the cops showed up within 45 seconds!"

B.M.-' I hit a pot hole on golf links during that crazy rain day mid december....the car HYDROPLANED spun 360 hit the curb, but my tactical driving kicked in....luckily the car didnt flip over into the embankment'.

C.O.- ' As the kids were in the back seat of our car in the parking lot of IHOP...this man attempted to open there door...the kids yelled...'Daddy!"...I turned ...looked right at him as I prepared to reach, grab and strike....luckily he was just a confused dad...looking for his own kids in a similar car'.

S.M.-'As I drove last saturday nite on 4th....a fight spilled over into the street in front of my car...the one girl- full of rage headed to our car...I managed to do a tactical turn as the cops barreled in...'.

March 2017: Surviving mass attacks

Types of attacks:

Mass shootings, IED booby traps, Vehicle borne IEDs, car drive ups followed by shootings, suicide bombers, car ramming into groups plus stabbings or machete attacks, individuals wearing vests and timed IED bombings


Their methods of operation generally include: Casing their selected target, entering calmly wearing armor with a backpack (filled with weapons and IEDs) and then shooting indiscriminately to create panic and facilitate death. Detonation of the vest can occur at the onset o once law enforcement/EMS arrives.


Work offices, Shopping Malls, music halls, theatres, restaurants, bars/pubs, sporting event parking lots, traffic/ congested areas, schools, hospitals and EMS stations.


Take a CFC class taught by our own Marine Corps training chief and learn survival tactics.


Awareness of radicalized co-workers rants. Or suspicious bag carrying, out of place looking individuals. Immediately report  the observation to armed authorities. Sound the alarm as they unpack their weapons cache.


Awareness and avoidance. Listen for incongruent sounds. Run, seek cover and if trained...plan an ambush as they reload.

Biological and Chemical warfare

Iraq "did" and does have weapons of mass destruction. The media and liberal politicians held the truth back about bunker 13 in the Al Muthanna facility. Now Daesh (Islamic Sociopaths) have the chemical and biological weapons in their possession. To read the truth about "dragons egg", as told by a Marine, click here. To read how daesh is using Iraqi scientists to propagate these weapons click here.

Types: Biological- Ebola and Anthrax Chemical-Mustard, VX, Sarin and Chlorine

Location: Subways, buses and enclosed public areas.

Prevention/Survival: Take a CFC class taught by our own Marine Corps Bio-Chem training chief.

          February 2017: Student Stories

Only Thirty

 "It was thursday night and I was walking on 4th avenue at about midnite. I just finished eating a pizza at Magpies on 4th when across the street I saw this girl and guy pushing on a taller guy. He seemed as if he was drunk and not coherent. They were laughing and picking on him. All of the sudden one of the bullies friends who was sitting near by, ran over and grabbed a construction barricade then headed over to the drunk guy. I then realized what he was going to do and sprinted to help the drunk guy. I startled all of them as I stood between them and the drunk guy. I stood in the ready stance and in a cool calm yet assertive voice told them, 'just chill out...stay right there'. All of the sudden, the friend of the bully swung the barricade towards my head. I did a overhand block, grabbed it and pulled it out of his control. He fell and the bully then tried to tackle me down but I instinctly did the 'matador' move I learned in class. I shoved him to the ground and slowly backed away telling him, 'stay down'. He actually did! I moved to the drunk guy and asked if he was ok. He said, 'what the F@#k...yeah man thanks.' The bullies slowly backed off. It was amazing how it all went down in 30 seconds, just like Bruce says in class. All the training drills from Krav Maga just kicked in. It was so cool!"

-Dan C.


"I was walking home very late on friday night from a real cool college party when I saw, what I thought was my friends car drive up beside me. I had decided to leave the party early to get some late night burgers from the Jack in the Box on the corner of speedway and park, so I thought it was my friends coming by to join me in the car...but I was wrong. As I unknowingly approached to see if it was them, the passenger asked me for directions to 4th avenue. At this point I was very close to the car when I realized it wasnt my friends. I stayed cool and began to give this 'stranger' directions. As I began to point, the passengers eyes and brow slightly changed. I remembered that Bruce said once in class to look out for those PINs...the eyes, the nostrils and teeth clenching prior to an attack. At the moment I noticed this PIN the guy threw a punch at my face, I immediately did an inside parry to block it and delivered the fastest strongest strike to his throat! He cowered back into the car, I did a double hand push off the car door and ran as fast as I could. I then heard the driver get out of his car and try to follow me...I was running so fast all I could hear was the first guy gasping for air and the driver yell...'what the F@#k did he do to you?'. I didnt get my burger that night. But I did get the satisfaction of knowing that my CQC training has paid off!!" -Don V

Targeting the throat: Read about traumatic tracheal injuries by clicking here.

                                                                  January 2017: Survival Note

The below recounts an incident that involved our Chief Instructor....this encounter exemplifies the importance of a warrior mindset, tactical offensive knife fighting skills and first aid abilities under stress.  
"At approximately 18:15 Friday night after an early dinner with Summer at King Fisher grill we decided to drive south through a quaint neighborhood on our way home. As we calmly drove talking about certain houses... I noticed an elderly male on the ground screaming at a young white woman who stood over him....struggling to hold her large pit-bull. The dog was snarling at the man dripping blood from its teeth.
We immediately attempted to use our truck as a barrier to protect him....parked at an angle...I jumped out, pulling my knife ready to kill the pit-bull. Summer ran towards the old man as she dialed 911. I approached the woman and her dog in Kill mode. She had the tears in her eyes screaming not to do it...sorry this  happened to his puppy.....I then realized the old man held his small Chihuahua in his arms, as it bled from a large dog bite to its abdomen. I retreated my weapon and went to aid the elder. The woman pulled her dog away. The pup was still breathing...we provided a shirt from our car to keep it warm. We could not put pressure on its wounds since it was apparent that the vice grip of the pit-bull had crushed the poor animal.
The old man was in shock...the woman was freaking....Summer and I dealt with both parties as they continued to scream. He started to clench his chest....heart attack about to happen....well yes, so we lifted him via a buddy crutch and lead him to an awaiting car that took him and the pup to emergency care. TPD showed up as we held the woman there for their investigation. She didn't flee due to many factors. We departed....."  Bruce
Dog Attack-Survival Strategies
Neighborhood- Prior to taking your dog/s on a walk, know the route, the neighbors, their dogs, the security of their fences/yards/gates for the potential of escaping aggressive dogs.
Safety- As you walk you should always scan for barriers, obstacles, improvised shields that can be used in case a dog attacks. Also, besides carrying the traditional poop bag and flashlight, consider carrying an edged weapon, spray or short unbreakable strong stick.
Walkers- As you approach another, observe how the owner leases his dog, how they control their dog on that leash, also note if its a retractable or harness type of leash.
Dogs- As you approach, assess the dogs temper. The height of the tail and ears are indicators of aggression. Its not the type of dog (not all pit-bulls or boxers are evil killers) its the demeanor and the energy of the owner that dictates how a dog will act. If the dog stares at your dog with ears back and tail stationary and high, tugging at the owners out for potential trouble.
If the dog shows aggression, immediately change your direction of movement into an area that can provided cover until the owner and dog walk by. A tree, large car, a patch of cacti all serve as potential obstacles.
Create distance:
Even a small aggressive dog can pull off a collar and sprint to attack. Get that distance and use the obstacle casually.
If you are surprised and cant take cover. Seek an improvised shield, your backpack or a nearby object that can be used. If you have time, lift your dog and place him on or in something high, like a nearby car, a trash can or tree.
If you have time use that same car, tree or trash can to fend off the dog. If you have a weapon deploy it.
Tell the owner to control the dog...repeatedly... in a strong commanding voice. If there is no owner command the dog.. loudly.. to call attention to others.
If the dog attempts to bite, feed it an object so its focus is diverted, As a last resort if your dog was not picked your leg in the way of the attack. It will be painful, but once it latches on to your leg hammer-strike the crap out their eyes or try kicking at their elbow snap it. Try to maintain your balance, do not fall. If you fall, shield your neck with one arm. If you were able to deploy a weapon (knife-cut around its neck, firearm-shoot at abdomen, spray-at eyes, stick-hit across eyes and nose). If no weapon, gouge eyes, rip trachea or split legs!
Create Distance and Care:
Injured or not, crawl, hop or run to cover. Perform immediate first aid...compress your wounds. If your dog was bitten...probability is you will not be able to put pressure on the wounds due to the crushing effect on its torso or neck. Call 911, they will send ems to you and direct you to animal control. Animal control will provide the address to the nearest Emergency Vet clinic. Stabilize and go. Get witnesses phone numbers only if the wounds are not grave. Just go!

2016 awareness

Practice, practice, practice.....know your rights and express them, especially when dealing with Public Servants who wear the law enforcement uniform with a government issued badge, and then blatantly use these to intimidate you. To learn how to deal with rouge agents, click here. 

Its unfortunate that during these upcoming months... local government officials advocate for tactics that increase revenue for their coffers. Increase your awareness of  the number of motorcycle cops and hidden squad cars waiting for the slightest traffic infringement out there. Especially near Downtown, the UA, 4th ave and Oro valley.

Most of you have heard of Madrihks 2010 incident with Officer T. Brown and how Madrihk held him accountable with his department after the non PC-RS traffic stop. While the number of "Psuedo Tough" yet truly Insecure individuals hiding behind a badge like Brown exist... the numbers are limited. We must be vigilant though to how his type...Have an Agenda, Stereotype, Intimidate and Entrap the innocent, just for a power trip and for the overtime in court appearances. Good officers will Interview, Observe and then intellectually Profile. Understandably every officer faces potential threats to their life on a daily basis as they engage with the general public and unknown subjects. Yet good officers, treat everyone with respect and act according to each encounter. Below are some protocols to consider when encountering Public Servants that wear a badge from agencies like DPS to CBP to TPD....specifically during traffic stops.

Be lawful and be vigilant...especially near the following areas:

1. On Broadway between Euclid and park ave near the UA.

2  At Euclid and 9th street near the UA and 4th ave.

3.  On broadway between highland and Campbell near the UA.

4. Congress and aviation parkway near downtown.

5. Oracle road north of ina....Oro valley.

If while driving you are 'chosen' for a traffic stop:

1. safely set up your cell phone to record the stop, or ask a passenger to do so.

2. lock your door and open your window half way. know where your documents are.

3. seek a safe area for the officer and yourself. Signal and slowly pull over.

4.  turn on the interior light and place your hands on the steering wheel

5.  Wait to see which type of officer approaches and be polite yet prepared

Good officers generally say: Good evening/afternoon, Im Officer ____. The reason I stopped you was because______. Can I see your license/registration/insurance?

Crooked cops are either overly friendly or curt and aggressive saying: You know why I stopped you? Let me see your license/registration/insurance?  Where are you going/ coming from?  These type, generally want to entrap you and violate your 4th amendment rights by searching your person or manipulating you to enable them to draw your blood without a warrant. The latter is more prevalent near the UA area where these crooked 'public servants' see "mobile money makers" drive by, generally by young naïve "sheep".

Insecure bully types without tack  say:  let me see your registration, license and proof of insurance. Where are you from? They on occasion will violate your 6th amendment rights.

Now here is another example of the good Leos that exist out there (like in our classes).... he is a NYC officer.


The opinions expressed in this section are soley those of Combat Fit, CFC -Soulseros enterprises, its employees and the owner. They do not reflect or represent the thoughts, intentions, plans or strategies of or any employee thereof. The statements presented are based on fact and truth.  

2012-2015: threats from auto-moto accidents

  In memory of the following friends killed stateside:

Samantha Silverman (a strong young lady and super Crossfitter)- rollover January 24, 2015

Brian Petrie (my Marine buddy and stud muffin wanna be)- motorcycle T-boned May 2012

Zada Soto (a respected friend and mother of a Marine)- skidded off a California Cliff: April 2012