Combat F.I.T. Krav Maga 

  Self Defense Training in Real World Environments 

Corporate, Group and School Safety Training

Many businesses seek unique ways to keep their employees healthy, motivated and safe. If you are an HR benefits representative or a company training coordinator please consider one of our unique "Wellness Initiative" or "Personal Empowerment" programs which can provide a multitude of benefits to your employees. Our CFC® Corporate Self Defense Training Seminars are the most popular. We cover Business Traveler safety tactics, basic self defense techniques and Active Shooter in the workplace response. We have conducted seminars, with customized lesson plans, for the below entities. Contact us to schedule one for you.

 Groups and Companies
  Realtor and Engineering Companies
 Banking and Investment Institutions
 Family and Social Services
 International Volunteer Organizations
 Medical facilities and Hospitals
                                       Sessions for children, teens and women

High school students

Teens 13 thru 17 years old
Leadership and defense training

Private training for mature teens interested in public service careers. Available to qualifying vocational after-school programs.

Topics covered:

  • -Communication skills and group dynamics
  • -Leadership, command presence and teamwork
  • -Decision making, stress and fear management
  • -Strategic planning, search and rescue drills

  • Kidnap avoidance and Survival
    Group classes held at select synagogues offering Beit Midrash for teenagers. This private instruction is open to teens planning on travelling to Israel alone with youth groups or with international Student Exchange Programs.
    Topics covered:
    -Awareness and avoidance
    -Bully prevention and action
    -Escape from restrictive holds
    -Basic first aid drills

    Elementary schools

    Kids 5 thru 12 years old

    Abduction Prevention and Safety

    Our CFC® Children's Self Defense follow the nationally recognized "radKIDS" curriculum. Our radKIDS safety sessions focus on empowering children, helping to replace the fear, confusion and panic of dangerous situations with confidence, personal safety skills and self esteem.

    The radKIDS program encourages family participation, incorporates physical fitness, and teaches core safety values.

    Program covers:

    -Fun, activity-based safety drills,

    -muscle memory exercises and

    -dynamic abduction simulation

    Bully prevention

    Private sessions are available to young people

    needing support, motivation and hope.

    -Bully awareness, avoidance  and action
    -Escape from headlocks and bear hugs.

    Women's defense sessions

    Those 16 years and older
    Personal protection and empowerment
    Private group classes are available and reserved for groups of 4 or more women. These sessions can be scheduled by an individual wishing a more private setting of instruction for their group. Our CFC® team can design specific lessons for your group or organization. These lessons can be designed to range from a 90 minute or 2 hour one time 'empowerment' workshop. All of our Women Self Defense courses in Tucson are designed and delivered with specialized instructional strategies. While the information presented in our seminars are intense and realistic in nature, the educational environment is always safe, informative and fun.

    Topics covered:
    -Awareness and avoidance strategies
    -Fear and perpetrator manipulation
    -Pre-incident indicators and legal matters
    --Abduction prevention
    -Stalker recognition
    -Assault countermeasures
    -Unarmed strike combinations

                                                      Preppers: Urban Emergency Survival


                              Supplement your personal protection component and sharpen your mindset here at CFC.

    Prepper Survival - Priority Checklist

     Self defense and family protection

    Home security and reinforcement

    Safe rooms and ambush points 

    Weapons training: edged and firearm

    Improvised first aid, medicine and hygiene

    Food storage and water purification

    Off grid electrical/ solar/ water harvesting

    Gardening and hunting 

    Bug out bags - Communication plan

    Transportation consideration

    Escape and Evasion

    Recommended links and books

    -EMP preparing for the aftermath of an Electro magnetic Pulse

    -Biological or Chemical and Terrorism: IED or VBIED

    -Civil unrest due to economic collapse and Tactical gear in Tucson 

    Richard Duarte's book: Surviving an urban disaster

    CFC® Policies - Student expectations

         Due to the intensity of all of our CFC® reality based training courses, we strive to maintain the integrity of our programs, the delivery of our instruction and most importantly the safety of our students. Hence, we reserve the right to refuse instructional services to anyone at anytime when we sense that any of the aforementioned are jeopardized.

         All participating students are continually assessed and expected to adhere to the stated class policies. All accepted students that enter our training facility agree to CFC Terms and Conditions and must read, accept and sign a Liability Waiver and Release Form. By accepting the above stated and signing the produced forms, all students are waiving all rights to compensation to potential cases of injury. Also note, that if any substantiated criminal intent, activity or anti-social behavior is collaborated by our investigations staff, then this will preclude you from participating in any of our CFC® courses. Our CFC® consultants and instructors also follow and fully adhere to the US Constitutions Equal Protection Laws and Civil Rights Act.