Combat F.I.T. Krav Maga 

  Self Defense Training in Real World Environments 

Schedule Private Session:
Main office: 520.396.4864

Crossfit: 3461 E. Speedway 
UofA: at SRC
JCC: 3800 E. River rd


Office hours: 1pm-3pm Mon-Fri
Class hours: 4pm-8pm Mon-Thur
Training Sites and Current Focus:

Midtown XFT  Beginners Krav Maga- 6 week Course. Open to vetted Tucson community members.

Midtown XFT:  Advanced Krav Maga- Tactical Classes. Privates for pre-selected students, LEOs and Military.

University of Arizona: IKM student club- 8 week session. Open to those interested in Law Enforcement.

UA Youth Program: Kids Safety- 4 week session. Open to Kids 5 to 9 years of age.

Synagogues and Temples: Technical Krav Maga- Abduction Prevention. Seminars for Jewish Teens.

Northside JCC: Theoretical Krav Maga- 3 week Series. For Special Needs and Caretakers.

Our Mission

To empower law-abiding Americans with the education and abilities that can ensure their safety, health and well being, while seeking to positively impact them, their community and society in general.

Instilling self-reliance, developing noble leaders and creating humble warriors is what we strive for here at Combat Fitness and Conditioning... CFC®. Since 2009 our Combat F.I.T. Krav Maga courses have been specifically designed for people who want to ensure a strong sense of personal protection and are willing to use logic over emotions to deal with adverse situations. Our CFC® Instructors, highly trained and real world-experienced professionals, use state dependent learning, sensory modality, stress inoculation  and other proven scientific methods to ensure proper effective transfer of knowledge. 

Combat F.I.T.'s Training Philosophy

Combat F.I.T. Krav Maga prides itself in being southern Arizona's only Independent Krav Maga Instructional Group. Since 2009 we have focused on real world self defense training throughout Tucson. Our Chief Instructor, a former U.S. Marine and black belt with over 32 years of martial arts experience, has been teaching Israeli Krav Maga for over 15 years. He  has been providing tactical instruction on Krav Maga here in Tucson for over a decade, empowering humble individuals to surpass the pain and stress of training for the benefit of personal security. Our certified instructors, are mature professionals sharing their vast street knowledge and combat experiences to strengthen dedicated students. Combat F.I.T. Krav Maga physically and mentally conditions its students, using the below three training pillars: 

Combat F.I.T.'s Krav Maga Instructional Team


CFC Chief Krav Maga Instructor

Teaching Modern Israeli Style Krav Maga our Chief Instructor Bruce Madrikh, "The GunnerySgt", is a retired  United States Marine with over 30 years of Martial and Combat Arts experience. Bruce has been running civilian self defense classes since 1983, instructing the Military since 1996 and teaching Krav Maga since 2002. Starting back in 1999, Bruce began his Krav Maga training under the supervision of "Expert Level" Krav Maga and Kapap Instructor Alan Dankwerth, who trained under Master Instructors: Avi Nardia, Dennis Hanover and Eyal Yanilov (senior student of Grandmaster Imi Sde-Or). Bruce was certified a "Graduate level" Krav Maga Instructor through KMNTC in 2002... training under Senior Instructor-Trainers John Whitman, Sam Sade and Steve Spoth.

Bruce's additional experiences with the elite training institutions of I.K.M.F. and the Marine Corps M.A.C.E.  have made him one of the most experienced, skilled and versatile Combat Arts Instructor in Tucson. Bruce has trained U.S. Marines, U.S. Army, U.S. Air Force and Foreign Military service members.  In Tucson, Bruce coordinates, supervises and conducts various Group Specific CFC®  courses designed for: seniors, kids, teens, university students, engaged citizens, empowered women and military members.

Bruce currently runs Israeli Krav Maga Specialty Seminars for the University of Arizona Krav Maga Military Style Group, the Jewish Community Center, Tucson Hebrew High School, the Hebrew academy and conducts courses at our home-based CrossFit training facility, in Tucson.


Combat Fitness Coach

Summer is a certified CrossFit Trainer/senior coach, Israeli Krav Maga teaching assistant, Combat Conditioning Coach and International Functional Movement Contractor. In the past,  she has coordinated and conducted functional fitness seminars at DMAFB,  Mid Valley Athletic Club and the Tucson BJJ Academy. As a Certified Children's Self Defense Instructor since 2006 and a Licensed Therapist,  Summer offers her students a high quality of instruction...challenging their minds, bodies and spirits. Currently,  Summer conducts various  high instensity strength and cardio conditioning classes at Crossfit locally and internationally. She also runs childrens self defense sessions and women's self defense seminars held throughout the year.  


Admin and Investigations

As our Investigations and Administration Chief, Mr. Shane "The Ghost", ensures the integrity of all of our CFC® programs. The consistency of our instructors and the quality of the students allowed to participate in our courses, is always being evaluated by the Ghost and his team. The mission of this group of dedicated professionals,  is to ensure that the information provided through our CFC® courses does not end up in the wrong hands...nor the wrong minds for the wrong reasons.


Educational Manager

Originally from France, a proud yellow vester and former asset in DGSE (hence my photo). I now fight for the rights and protection of legal migrants and refugees. I am lucky to have met madhrikh and his team where I serve as your educational manager. I bring forth information, educating on "asymmetrical' threats from the mentally disturbed, specifically: NPD, BPD and SPD.

Combat F.I.T.

Support team

Watch a Combat F.I.T. Krav Maga class

We recommend observing a any Krav Maga class before making a final decision on putting down your money and committing your time to this new endeavor. Consider calling the school (ours or any other) to schedule a visit.

If you choose to call us, do it during our office hours since we train in the field quite often. Then come by and observe one of our IKM Reality Based Self Defense classes in action.

Safely experience simulated violent scenarios while watching the effectiveness of Krav Maga.  At Combat FIT we often train in stressful environments: loud areas, confined spaces, in the dark, heat, cold and rain. Scenario training and stress inoculation drills  involving weapons (gun, knife and bat)  also lend to the reality of violence and condition all our students to endure potential situations.

Keep in mind, our training is hard and what you will see may be overwhelming. Many have come by and observed one of our classes.... labeled us as 'backyard brawlers', 'too hard core' and 'very militaristic'... to an extent they are correct. We tend to select serious minded students, weed out the young 20 something years olds with large egos and keep only those strong spirited individuals. All of our dedicated students are respectful of the military training methods, they endure hard core conditioning drills and understand the brutality of violence on the street. So yes, to some we may be 'hard militaristic brawlers'. But don't take our word for it...visit and chat with our combat fit krav maga practitioners, they will give you a different perspective. Our students are generally older ( between 29 and 58) busy individuals (engineers, IT personnel, machinists, miners, realtors, managers, federal agents and UA grad students) all just humble folks. Two common traits you will observe amongst every civilian student here is...humility and discipline.

             What makes "Combat FIT® IKM Tucson" different?

Combat FIT® is a training group of highly experienced professionals and veterans. Since 2009 Combat FIT has been providing Israeli Krav Maga (IKM) Real World Self Defense Tactics to disciplined, honest and humble  individuals. All of our instructors are certified, qualified and real world experienced. Each has used Krav Maga to survive some unexpected violent situations on the street and now bestow their knowledge/tactical expertise daily... emphasizing the true effectiveness of this innovative combat art. 

Our headquarters is located right in the middle of an industrial warehouse district east of downtown in a uniquely designed and  Multifaceted urban training area. Understanding that violent encounters can occur anywhere, our facility shifts dynamically to simulate attacks near parking lots, city sidewalks, gas stations, office stairwells, hotel elevators or restaurant restrooms. Most our training time occurs outside, yes outside... in the elements. By training in real world settings and situations, our Combat Fit IKM students are conditioned to withstand stress, thus instilling a strong proactive warrior mindset. We use functional fitness drills to strengthen the body and mental conditioning scenarios to inoculate the mind. All of our students endure this harsh training and over time develop the inner strength needed to protect themselves and the ones they love.

Why does Combat FIT provide Krav Maga training to Civilians? When Shane "the ghost" and Bruce "the Gunny" co-founded Combat FIT in 2006 they envisioned a training program for the every day average, law abiding American Citizen. One which exemplified the courage and initiative that Todd Beamer used to fight through the fear on September 11th 2001. Todd, under the most horrific circumstances, was able to lead a group of Americans in the counterattack that took down those cowards on United flight 93...just like the four Americans (two Military, one college professor and student) rallied to take down a DAESH terrorist on a Paris bound train in August 2015. Inspired by these heroic actions, both Gunny and the Ghost (certified instructors in Israeli Krav Maga (IKM)  and MCMAP) began the process of creating Combat fit. In 2009, training began for a select few civilians. 

The Marine Corps leadership principles and the training regimen of Israeli Krav Maga set in motion Combat Fit. To this day we condition humble students to operate intensely in the most stressful situations, allowing them to overcome any obstacles, assess any threats, control any fears and ultimately, neutralize any threats. 

Small group classes and personalized development of mind, body and spirit: Combat Fit strives in empowering humble civilians willing to train hard. We keep the size of our classes limited while providing personalized instruction to those dedicated practitioners.

Most survive the physical, emotional and mental conditioning... taking on new challenges through calculated stress inoculation drills. In all of our Combat Fit Krav Maga courses the mind is developed, the body is conditioned and the spirit is strengthened.  All of our students struggle yet survive some of the most unique physical fitness conditioning sessions. Others enjoy the mental and emotional challenges they surpass. 

Train to defeat criminals, terrorists and corrupt individuals

We strive in training our students to be mentally fit and ready for possible violence on the street... in essence being  "Combat FIT". Our training concept focuses on developing a synergistic balance of a strong mind and body, which when trained effectively, can ensure one's survival under the harshest conditions.
We train and condition the average American to be a  "Prepared and Engaged Citizen" one who questions corrupt rouge government officials with the knowledge of our constitution and is and ready for street combat against criminals, violent individuals, priority level 1 illegal entrants and domestic/international terrorists.

Our CFC® training programs provide the humble student with reliable and effective self defense tactics all which can be used to protect themselves, their family or fellow citizen caught in danger.  We help students break away from fear...from the shock of a surprise attack and help them operate through the stress of a violent encounter. 

Our programs also cover preventative measures relating to situational awareness, fear management and legal ramifications.

Dedicated CFC® students are trained using associative learning and respondent conditioning techniques. This type of instructional methodology along with our in depth curriculums (which all cover the principles of muscle memory, economy of motion, leverage and stress conditioning) all ensure that our students are ready for potential violence on the streets. 

By using our CFC®  Functional Training Concepts, we strive in empowering our students by conditioning their bodies to be fit, their spirits to be strong and their minds to be ready.

Train to Survive! We here at CFC® want to provide the best personal protection instruction to the average American Citizen at a reasonable cost. That's why we also provide community based seminars in addition to our professional contract work. Please consider taking one of our courses as a personal investment, one that will increase in value over time as this economy continues to be unstable. Protect your family from criminals, marauder's, corrupt officials and domestic or international terrorists.

Affiliations, Belts and Recommendations

Your head would spin if we listed the vast number of affiliations a Certified Independent Krav Maga Instructor could be associated with. Our Certified Instructors are aligned with a network of Independent Instructors in New Mexico, New York and California... all who have been trained by Master Level Krav Maga Trainers in Israel. While some organizations still  rank students by colored belts (as once used and discarded by Imi in the 1980's) at Combat FIT we distinguish our students via their skill set....not so much by their grungy belt. 

Our Instructional team is comprised of highly experienced, qualified and skilled instructors. They are dedicated professionals  providing quality instruction and guidance, based on personal experiences and real life implementation of  skills outside the classroom. Ensuring the highest quality of instruction and personal development is what CFC strives for. That is why we hope, that when you are selecting a training program or school, be it ours or another, consider asking as many pertinent questions as possible.

In 2007, when the lawsuit between Darren Levine (KMNTC) and the Israeli Krav Maga Associations was settled, many American groups were created and in turn, flooding the market. Multiple groups exist like: IKI, IKMF, IKMA, Wingate, KMG, KMWW or KMNTC. Visit the school, facility, or dojo and observe one class, watch the interactions of the students and instructors to make a logical decision. Without experience one may not have the context to asses the group. You may however sense if they are genuine professionals, striving to uphold the foundational teachings of GrandMaster Imi and the great Combat Art of Krav Maga. Instructors that have real life experience: be it through the Military, Law Enforcement or Personal Protection Service; tend to be the best in providing effective reality based instruction. Also consider ask about each of their continuing education efforts, through the Combat Sciences. This of course to ensure the highest standards of true Krav Maga Instructors.