Combat F.I.T. Krav Maga 

  Self Defense Training in Real World Environments 

Civil Unrest Preparedness

Survival - Priority Checklist

- Self defense and family protection

- Home security and reinforcement

- Safe rooms and ambush points 

- Weapons training: edged and firearm

- Rifle disarms, use and tactical movement

- Improvised first aid, medicine and hygiene

- Food storage and water purification

- Off grid electrical/ solar/ water harvesting

- Gardening and hunting 

- Bug out bags - Communication plan

- Fire fighting and home perimeter protection

- Transportation Acquisition, Escape and Evasion

להגן על

The history of Krav Maga

Krav maga was developed as a self-defense system in 1948 by Imi Lichtenfeld. To create such
a practical system, Grandmaster Lichtenfeld combined the most effective techniques from
Japanese: judo, aikido, jujitsu, with additional moves from American: boxing and wrestling. In
the 1990s, the best moves from: muay thai, Chinese: wing chun, and Brazilian Jujitsu were also
incorporated. While Krav Maga was designed for the Israeli Defense Forces it is now utilized by
Special Forces and law enforcement around the world. Survival-minded civilians now also train
in the Krav maga for its benefits in stress, strength and mental conditioning.

Krav Maga Personal Training

Krav Maga- New Beginners

We conduct special training sessions for brand new beginners at Crossfit (XFT). Our tuesday  IKM (Israeli Style Krav Maga) 'drop-in classes' progressive in nature, are designed for vetted beginners wishing to advance into our other IKM and TKM classes. These tuesday 'open training' drop-ins, are open to those over 25 years of age. In these, Experienced and Advance Level students partake in the training as well. Below is an explanation of this program.

Israeli Krav Maga is the premier Reality Based Self Defense Training system available to civilians around the world. Unlike traditional Martial Arts, where a student typically trains and fights for a title or belt, Israeli Krav Maga is a Combat Art in which practitioners train and fight for their survival.

    Our Beginners Krav Maga (קרב מגע) P1 and P2 courses follow the Integrated-Modern Krav Maga training protocols, developed and refined over the years. Civilians with the mental fortitude will experience intense training and conditioning thus preparing them for the reality of violence on the street.

Safety is paramount but reality training always takes precedence. Students learn basic block, kicks and punching as well as escapes from restrictive holds; bear hugs, headlocks and chokes. 

Beginner to Experienced students cover:

-Focused awareness

-Multi-tasking during confrontations

-Verbal assertiveness

-De-escalation and diffusing tactics

-Block, strikes and holds

Privates- One to One Training

This option is only open to those individuals who have passed our entry protocol, scheduled and completed the foundations class. 

In these private "Personal Training' TKM sessions we cover: ground fighting, restraint-control tactics, restrictive hold releases and street fighting. VIP protection tactics are also covered. Knife seminars to include improvised weapons are open to select students. Firearm principles are taught in different sessions.

    These Personal Coaching sessions and TKM cover "theoretical, technical and tactical" krav maga concepts. Most TKM classes are held at CrossFit (XFT) or a predeterminded locations.

    Combat F.I.T. reserves the right to refuse instructional services, to include personal training in tactics we believe the student is not prepared for. 

We dictate what you learn. Greenbacks do not influence what we teach. Your skill level, character and humility do.

Privates are also available via the "online Virtual training option". Contact our team to get details and get started!


Personal Training Clients Cover:

-Control methods using clothing

-Innocent bystander protection

-Ground fighting and restrictive holds

-Confined space and in car fighting

-Take-downs, trips and throws

Civil Unrest Survival Sessions

Open to current personal training clients, this training option allows you to train for the upcoming civil war. While the biased media, corrupt politicians, and the skewed judicial system fuel these anarchists and fascists, we must prepare to protect and defend our neighborhoods. CFC will provide you with a tactical solution for what is yet to come.

In these privately run classes, we will cover foundational movements, beginner tactics, and advance level: gun, rifle, knife, machete, bat, baton and blunt object disarm, retention techniques within various scenarios. These can range from road blocks, home and neighborhood coordinated assaults.


This intense training and the simulated violent scenarios may not be suitable to everyone.

Call us and start to train for your and your familys survival through: potential home invasions from marauders; carjackings from

free roaming criminials; and the all encompassing public violence to smear the


Group training also includes:

-Weapons, holds and tactical use

-Combat conditioning and striking

-Carjacking prevention and response

-Verbal control and VIP protection

-Urban survival and home prepping

How do I sign up for the adult Krav Maga course?

You have training location options: CrossFit , Synagogues, and UA or your site. Synagogue courses are only open to their congregants. The course at UA is only open to members/affiliates of the UA. Call us for the proper protocol in signing up there. If you would like to train in our tactical classes at Crossfit or Virtually online, then you must first request the 'Training Application' by calling us during our office hours. Once submitted and you are accepted to train, we can then reserve your spot in the scheduled "Foundations Session". Passing this screening process may grant you the opportunity to attend any of the weekly foundations classes and subsequent IKM courses. The above protocol may seem too exigent to some but, it maintains the integrity of the IKM program and the safety of its students. Note that only honest and humble individuals with strong moral character/ethos are accepted into the IKM training program

Synagogue, Group and Corporate Safety Sessions

Many businesses, social groups and synagogues seek unique ways to keep their members healthy, happy, motivated and safe. If you are an HR benefits representative, member training coordinator or Rabbi then please consider one of our unique "Wellness Initiative" or "Personal Empowerment" programs which can provide a multitude of benefits to your members. Our CFC® Corporate and Group Self Defense Training Seminars are the most popular. We cover Traveler safety tactics, basic self defense techniques and Active Shooter response at work or place of worship. We have conducted seminars, with customized lesson plans, for the below entities. Contact us to schedule one for you.
 Customized Training for:
 Investment and Financial Institutions
 Realtors and Buisness Travelers

   Sessions for children, teens and women

Teens: High School

Teens 13 thru 17 years old
Leadership and defense training

Private training for mature teens interested in public service careers. Available to qualifying vocational after-school programs.

Topics covered:

  • -Communication skills and group dynamics
  • -Leadership, command presence and teamwork
  • -Decision making, stress and fear management
  • -Strategic planning, search and rescue drills

  • Kidnap avoidance and Survival
    Group classes held at select synagogues offering Beit Midrash for teenagers. This private instruction is open to teens planning on travelling to Israel alone with youth groups or with international Student Exchange Programs.
    Topics covered:
    -Awareness and avoidance
    -Bully prevention and action
    -Escape from restrictive holds
    -Basic first aid drills

    Kids: Summer Camps

    Kids 5 thru 12 years old

    Abduction Prevention and Safety

    Our CFC® Children's Self Defense follow the nationally recognized "radKIDS" curriculum. Our radKIDS safety sessions focus on empowering children, helping to replace the fear, confusion and panic of dangerous situations with confidence, personal safety skills and self esteem.

    The radKIDS program encourages family participation, incorporates physical fitness, and teaches core safety values.

    Program covers:

    -Fun, activity-based safety drills,

    -muscle memory exercises and

    -dynamic abduction simulation

    Bully prevention

    Private sessions are available to young people

    needing support, motivation and hope.

    -Bully awareness, avoidance  and action
    -Escape from headlocks and bear hugs.

    Family Protection: Seminars

    Those 16 years and older
    Personal protection and empowerment
    Private group classes are available and reserved for groups/family units of 4 or more. These sessions can be scheduled by an individual wishing a more private setting of instruction for their family. Our CFC® team can design specific lessons for your needs. These are popular 'empowerment' sessions since children taking the classes with their parents, single moms or dads they feel different after completing the training.  The information is presented and delivered with specialized instructional strategies making it fun for the kids. While the information presented in our seminars can be intense and realistic  the educational environment is always geared with safety in mind.

    Topics covered:
    -Awareness and avoidance strategies
    -Fear and perpetrator manipulation
    -Pre-incident indicators and legal matters
    -Abduction prevention
    -Stalker recognition
    -Assault countermeasures
    -Unarmed strike combinations

    Law Enforcement Notice

    Krav Maga for those interested in the Military or Law Enforcement

    Our focus here at Combat Fit is to train our LE students (mostly coming from DHS, CBP and DOC) in unarmed combat. While POST, requires that officers get eight hours of Defense tactics (DT) training quarterly or every two years, the unarmed component of training becomes a 'perishable skill'. Firearms training is the most scheduled and combatives training the most overlooked. Subject restraint, Weapons retention and use are all important factors in the "lethal force" continuum that we cover here at Combat Fit. In addition to the latter training, we often 'condition' our LE students to operate under extreme duress while unarmed. These humble individuals take the initiative to train with us and know that they must endure some of the most rigorous and unique conditioning methods. This with the understanding that this 'conditioning' will benefit them and their decision making skills on the street if they can not use their firearms. At combat fit, we train those LEO's to shift the mindset of relying on their sidearm to that of transitioning from a low level unarmed standpoint. Some of our LE students work undercover (UC) assignments; are correctional officers working in prisons, or they just understand that they may one day be off duty with their families and not carrying. 

    We often challenge our LE students to fight at close range with multiple subjects carrying edged weapons. Potential variables such as a weapon malfunctions and physical injuries are also added into the mix. If your schedule allows, consider a 'drop-in class' and make Krav Maga, one unique training option that will save your life.  Need proof... read this article.

    Current LEO's and CBP please note that our Technical and Tactical Krav Maga courses present certain techniques that may infringe upon your departments tactical and training policies. Now, if decide to train with us here at Combat Fit Krav Maga and your work schedule varies, then consider doing a drop in class as your time permits. Please call our CFC® team to discuss details. 

    CFC® Policies - Student Expectations

    Due to the intensity of all of our Krav Maga courses, we strive to maintain the integrity of our programs, the delivery of our instruction and most importantly the safety of our students. Hence, we reserve the right to refuse instructional services to anyone, at anytime.  All participating students are continually assessed and expected to adhere to the stated class policies. All those that are accepted to train and enter our facility agree to all CFC Terms and Conditions. All must read, accept and sign a Liability Waiver and Release Form. By accepting the above stated and signing the produced forms, all students are waiving all rights to compensation to potential cases of injury. Also note, that if any substantiated criminal intent, activity or anti-social behavior is always collobarated by our investiagations staff. Any of the aforementioned will preclude students from participating in any our our IKM, TKM or CFC sessions. All of our CFC consultants and instructors follow and fully adhere to the US Constitutions Equal Protection Laws and civil rights act.


    US Marine Corps Urban Training and Israeli counter-terrorism.